5 Best Trekking Destinations in Himachal


So who does not love trekking? Of course everyone loves trekking. It is a kind of therapy and nourishes our mental health. Trekking is something where we spend our days full of adventures, magnificent views, sunsets, sunrises, and memories with family and friends to cherish forever for our lives. Trekking is also something where we can take a break from our daily routine and places and spend some time with ourselves and nature. 

There are no less places for trekking in India and these vast options make it difficult for us to choose the best trekking destination. So here we have brought you some best 5 trekking destinations in Himachal. 


Bhrigu Lake Trek 

It is the prettiest grassland trek in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 4300 m in Kullu district. It is one of the most beautiful and sacred places in India with the panoramic view of the Seven sister peaks including Deo Tibba, Indrasan, Hanuman Tibba etc. This lake is named after a sage called Rishi Brighu who used to meditate near this lake hence it is said that this lake never freezes completely. It is an easy – difficult trek where you can start from Manali and reach at an altitude 14,009ft in 3-4 days. 

This trek gives you mesmerizing views of the snow capped mountains and the lush green meadows which are totally unforgettable. Not only the views but at night you can also have bonfires and fun sessions while enjoying dinner in your tents near the lake which makes a perfect place for you and your friends to make some amazing memories. 


Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists every year because of its hot water spring, pine forests, lush green meadows and the beautiful sites to witness during the trek. This popular trek is located at Kullu valley (also called as the Parvati valley) and is at the height of around 9600ft. 

If you are someone who loves landscape photography then trust me this is the best place for you. The beautiful waterfalls and the flowing Parvati river which are not only pleasant to eyes but also music to ears. The holy hot water spring called Parvati Kund is something which is not to be missed. The magnificent view of the Himalayas along with its magical sunsets are something you won’t forget to capture in your cameras. Not only this but during the trek you will also get an opportunity to get and know the locals living there and get to hear the stories of lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya who meditated there for thousands of years. 


Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is somewhere at the height of around 4270 m in Pir Panjal range. This trek is full of surprises as you can get many and any twists during its turns. Sounds adventurous right? Yes this trek has been at the top of the bucket list for many wanderers and travel lovers. Its surreal experience of silver waterfalls, glossy grasslands, glittering glaciers, jagged mountains makes it perfect for you to plan your next trip there. It is an easy to moderate trek thus it makes it easy for beginners to start their trekking experience. 

And ofcourse how can I forget ‘Chandratal’ which literally translates to ‘The Lake of Moon’. This lake is the point of attraction for Hampta Pass which is a crescent shaped lake and the most wonderful thing about this lake is that it changes color almost the whole day. Sounds unbelievable, right? As I said, this lake will be full of surprises. 


Buran Ghati Trek

Another amazing but thrilling trek located at an altitude of about 15000ft at the heart of himachal. It is a moderate to difficult trek which has many adventurous experiences for you like sliding down a snow wall like long snowy slides. 

Another reason you should visit Buran Ghati trek is the breathtaking view of Chandernahan lake and an unforgettable view of the mountains along with verdant forests, diverse vegetation etc.  Also get a chance to witness the changing landscape. 


Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass trek is somewhere at a height of around 13850ft located in Parvati valley with a total trek distance of about 48km. This trek got its name from a small frozen lake called Sar which passes during the trek. Going a little up you can witness the majestic Parvati valley which is surreal to our eyes. 

The most special thing about the trek is that you get to walk through a carpet of white snow which is something heavenly and dreamy for each one of us. Another best place for photographers where they can capture some of their most beautiful scenes of life.  

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