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Have you ever observed how people’s skin thins and loosens as they age? Those things aren’t only in your head. Your skin will lose around 80% of its thickness when you’re 70.

Your body naturally loses collagen over time, resulting in sagging skin. To keep your skin looking its best, you need to maintain an adequate supply of collagen, a naturally occurring protein. Excess skin and wrinkles are mainly due to this. New U Med Spa uses the PDO thread lift, which is more effective.

What Is A PDO Thread Lift, And How Is It Performed?

Sagging skin is lifted and tightened during this process. They’re made out of Polydioxanone from South Korea (PDO). Skin-penetrating implants are implanted into the dermis and have three distinct effects:

  • Mechanical effects can elevate the skin in a matter of seconds.
  • Fat tissue shrinks, resulting in skin tightening.

Collagen stimulation and neovascularization are used to improve skin elasticity, texture, and fine wrinkles.

Hydrolysis will remove the PDO threads about six months after the therapy. Because of the regeneration effects on the cells, the raised face features will last for another three to six months.

The skin cells are stimulated to produce new collagen and blood vessels to improve skin microcirculation. The threads work by causing fat cells to constrict to make matters worse. The skin will tighten, and the face will thin down.

How Does Thread Lift Work?

Unlike standard face-lifts, a thread lift does not necessitate incisions, an aesthesia, or downtime. As part of this operation, threads are inserted into the skin with a needle. A cone or grasper is used to anchor the thread in the skin, which is then sewn in place to retain the skin in place.

Additionally, this treatment stimulates the body’s healing response, which increases collagen production in the treated areas. Your skin’s natural vibrancy and flexibility are restored due to this steady supply of collagen.

Which Parts of the Face can be Treated with A PDO Thread Lift?

Almost any portion of your face showing symptoms of ageing can benefit from a thread lift. The cheekbones, mouth, neck, and eyes are the most often treated areas.

Thread lifts are frequently combined with other anti-ageing procedures like dermal fillers because their results aren’t as dramatic as those of face-lift surgery.

Who Should have the Procedure Done?

Anyone looking to improve the appearance of sagging skin can benefit from the PDO thread lift, a highly effective non-surgical procedure. People who are ready to spend a lot of money on multiple injections and want a quick, non-surgical face-lift can benefit from this procedure.

Excellent Result from this Treatment

1. Safe, Slow Absorption

Absorption can take up to a year, depending on the type of threads used in your therapy. Most of our customer’s report that their threads are entirely absorbed in six to eight months. The results can remain after the threads are absorbed for up to two years. Between nine months and three years, treatment effects can be expected to endure.

The safety of this anti-ageing procedure is unrivalled when compared to a traditional face-lift. PDO threads to heal and repair wounds, suture aesthetic incisions, and treat gynecological disorders over three decades. As far as we know, PDO threads have never caused any adverse responses. They are also non-toxic and won’t harm you once they enter your system.

2. Non-Invasive

This procedure is non-invasive in comparison to a standard face-lift. There will be no apparent signs that you’ve had “work done when you leave the clinic.” When someone looks at you, they will see that you are youthful and healthy.

Threads are also only introduced into the epidermis, a very superficial layer of the skin. Treatment isn’t painful because there are few nerve endings in the area. The topical an aesthetic is only there to keep you from experiencing any pain when the needles are put.

You can also tell us if you don’t want any an aesthesia to be administered during your procedure if you so desire. Many of our patients don’t want to wait for the numbing to take effect because they don’t enjoy the way their face feels while momentarily numbed.

3. Effective Result Timing

It would be best if you waited many weeks to notice the effects of a face-lift because of the swelling and irritation. PDO thread lift outcomes are immediate. Plus, after two to three months, your body has finished making new, healthy collagen, so you’ll see an improvement.

4. Customizable Treatments

Customizability is one of the essential advantages of PDO lifting. Anti-ageing treatment will be tailored to your skin type, condition and cosmetic goals because PDO threads come in varied forms and sizes.

Lips can be rejuvenated by using relatively thin mono-threads, for instance. Sagging skin in this area is best lifted and held with thick threads, which can also be utilized in other areas.

Take The First Step Toward Looking and Feeling your Best with New U Med Spa PDO

Make an appointment at New U Med Spa and see what they can do for your skin and face. You’ll be glad you did. You can take a few years off your actual age with our skin tightening services. It also boosts the formation of collagen, which prolongs the effects.

For a more youthful appearance with softer smile lines, a smoother neckline, more delicate eyebrows, and higher cheekbones, New U Med Spa can be your go-to solution. It is the most acceptable non-surgical alternative to a face-lift because the benefits endure up to a year, and there is minimal recovery time.

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