10 reasons why you should go out for brunch Special?

Growing up on the East Coast, there was nothing better than getting together with friends and family on a Sunday morning and heading out for brunch and happy hour

Every neighborhood had that one diner or family restaurant that would open at ridiculous hours (8 am? 9 am?) in order to feed hungry crowds who were looking forward to bottomless cups of coffee, huge plates of eggs, toast, bacon, and potatoes, sometimes served with an omelet or crepe thrown in for good measure. 

Whether it’s 2 pm, 4 pm, or even 6 pm nowadays when you look up “brunch” in the dictionary, chances are you’ll find what looks like a late breakfast/early lunch menu.

However recently brunch has become less about your typical breakfast or lunch scenario and more about what you can get for the happy hour price of $6.95 – $11.95 to soak up last night’s alcohol, great deals on appetizers, full entrees at well below normal menu prices, extravagant brunches with things like bottomless champagne or freshly shucked oysters… 

The definition of brunch seems to be expanding all the time so we’ve decided that the only way to really break it down for you is by offering ten reasons why you should definitely go out for brunch this weekend!  

1) You’re hungover.  No explanation is needed here.

2) The thought of cooking eggs makes your stomach turn.  There are few things worse than coming home after a night on the town and craving some greasy, carby food like a warm bagel or french toast.  That’s where brunch comes in!

3) You’re out of work early the next day. If you think happy hour lasts until 5 pm every day, you’ve never worked retail/hospitality before.  Many restaurants will begin their happy hours as soon as they open so there is no need to worry about having to get up at 6 am for Sunday Funday making you unable to enjoy yourself!

4) $2 Mimosas!  Oh yes.

5) A bottomless cup of coffee. It’s just what your body needs after a long night on the town.  

6) The food at happy hour is better than the food during regular dinner hours.  Who doesn’t love drunkenly noshing on a chicken quesadilla or tender popcorn shrimp while “enjoying” happy hour prices?

7) Brunch menu items are always cheaper than their dinner menu counterparts!  That $20 steak you wanted last night?  Now it was only $10.

8) You have more time to recover from your hangover, so you can enjoy brunch twice in one weekend!

9) Mimosas are actually happy hour staple beverages.

10) Bottomless Champagne Brunch!  Yes, please.

There really is no better way to spend your Sunday morning/early afternoon than out on the town with friends, enjoying brunch while putting off having to get back to work for just a couple more hours.

Sure, you could go out for happy hour brunch on your own time without any pressure or expectations.

But why not now? You’ll have a good excuse to meet up with old friends, see the latest show that’s been getting rave reviews and enjoy one of those meals that can’t be found anywhere else but in the USA!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready this weekend by reading our list of ten reasons why we’re going out for happy-hour brunch ourselves. We think it sounds like something worth trying at least once (if not more)!

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