A Complete Guide On Creating Table Of Contents In APA Format

Formatting is termed as a way of presentation. In simple words, you can say the style to refer to something is formatting. Microsoft word is used to create so many documents. Whatever type of document you are dealing with must be easy to understand. Furthermore, you have to make it eye-catching for the reader. Formatting is a way that helps you with all these concerns. It is used to deal with the looks of your document. You may have written quality content in your document, but if it is not properly formatted, it may be taken as a piece of trash. Many writers think the formatting of the main body is enough. In reality, the formatting of the whole document is important. It includes a title page, table of contents and everything else till the list of references. The table of contents serves as an overview of the whole document. It is an unavoidable part of any document.

1. What is the Table of Contents?

In academic writing, every document without a table of contents is considered incomplete. Is it convenient for you to read the whole document for finding a paragraph or single definition? It would not be suitable for you. The purpose of the table of contents is to facilitate you in having an overview of the whole document. With the help of a table of content, you can easily find anything in no time. It is added just after the title page. You can create a table of contents before starting the document. In this case, it serves as a track that assists you as an outline for the document. Also, you can generate this table after completing the document. In both ways, you can create it. Whatever is convenient for you, go for that.

This table includes all of the headings and subheadings used in a document. A reader can absorb chunks easily compared to the whole meal in one bite. So, the table of contents shows the small chunks of documents. If your document has chapters, it includes the name and number of each chapter. Furthermore, it includes all of the sections and parts of each chapter.

Most of the time, you would not get extra marks because of the table of contents, but it is necessary to fulfil academic writing requirements. Hiring dissertation writing services in UK plays an important role. It shows the professionalism of the writer.

2. How do you Format the Table of Contents in APA?

The table of contents is displayed in the form of a list. Here you cannot add everything. What you have to do is the proper formatting of this table. You can try it by yourself. Write two documents and generate their table of contents. Now what you have to do is about the formatting of both tables. Keep one table without formatting.

On the other hand, generate another table with proper formatting. You can evaluate by yourself how formatting changes the complete view of the table. A formatted table makes it easy to understand the layout. Also, it becomes readable for everyone.

There are different formats available for a different types of documents. Now, selecting one format is up to you, or you may be asked to follow a specific format for your assignment. The most common format is named APA. Every format has some guidelines associated with it. If you follow the guidelines of APA, it does not demand a table of contents. But if your advisor has asked you to come up with a table of contents, you have to do so. Let’s discuss how to format your table as per APA.

In APA, you have to make enclosed sections. In each section, you have to add the name of a chapter as the main heading. After the main heading, you have to add subparts in it. If you have more subparts, you should add all those parts. In size and style, APA demands Time New Romans and 12 sizes. In the case of page margin, you have to keep a one-inch margin from all sides. Every heading should be on the left side with double space. Another important thing is that all the headings must be in the title case.

3. How can you generate a Table of Contents in Word?

While using the word, you would not have to create a table of contents manually. But you can generate the table automatically. The headings, subheadings, format, and page number will be generated automatically. You have to set the format before writing the document. For setting, go to the Home page and select the style Ribbon. In this style, you have to make changes as per APA format. First of all, make changes in heading 1. When you click on this heading, you will see so many options related to formatting. Here you have to change the following things:

  • Size- 12
  • Style- time new Romans
  • Alignment- one inch from all sides
  • Spacing- Double spacing

Same as heading number 1, modify the rest of the headings. An example sample is written as below:

Table of Contents

Chapter number 1. Introduction …………………………………………………..5

Chapter number 1. History ………………………………………….………….…..7

Background information of history …………………….….8

History of Europe ………………………………….9

History of Asia…………………………….………10

History of America……………………………..….11

And so on.

4. How do you List Tables and Figures in the APA Table of Contents?

You have to make a list of tables on a separate page just after the table of contents. In the same way, you make a list of figures on another page. Everything related to format remains the same as you did in the table of contents. The size, alignment and style remain the same.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you write anything, you are supposed to engage your reader effectively. Formatting plays an important role in it. By following all of the steps mentioned above, you can generate a table of contents list of tables and figures per APA guidelines. In this way, you can end up with a document written as per writing standards.

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