CE Mark testing process

In today’s world, it’s essential to get a CE marking for specific products. Such products need to comply with some standards apart from ISO standards. With this in mind, the products don’t need to go through third-party lab testing.

The business needs a CE mark to ensure that the product reduces environmental impact and is safe to use. It has to go through a process before the product is sold. So, let’s check out the steps to follow for a CE Mark testing process.

Confirm the EU directives:

First and foremost, you need to figure out the directives that apply to the product. While considering the scope, you also have to consider the exclusions under most regulations. But, while you are doing so, you must seek advice and be reasonable. Additionally, you can check out what other companies have done earlier.

Test the product thoroughly:

As soon as you determine the directives, you need to assess the product. You have to consider the essential requirements to ensure that the product meets them. At this stage, you can presume conformity through harmonized standards. But, you must ensure that the presumption is as per the directives.

Alter the product design:

When you evaluate the product, there are instances when it will not meet the requirements. In such a scenario, you will have to modify the product design to some extent. Later, you have to assess the product again to check its requirements. As you proceed with the CE Mark testing process, it’s essential not to forget this step.

Think about maintaining conformity:

If your company manufactures products at a large scale, check if the design meets the standards across the design process. While you can refer to the directives, you must request a third party to inspect the product. Further ahead, it is also essential to have a quality system in place for future compliance angry forcedly sex video. As you develop a plan, it must give an overview of the inspections and the tests. In addition to routine tests across the production line, you can even carry out audit tests in detail. Moreover, you can check for the product’s quality at the supplier’s end.

State the EC declaration:

When you’re sure that the product complies with the directives, you must state the declaration of conformity. Apart from the manufacturer’s name, you should state the list of directives. You must also note down the standards which have been applied earlier. Besides, you need to mention the details of the individual who was responsible for the conformity. You even have to write the certificate references of the notified body. 

Document the information in a file:

When you’re about to make a file, you need to state the overall product description. Way ahead, you also need to note down the standards that ensure conformity. With the instruction manuals, you also have to include photos of the product. In the end, you have to document some more details. You need to state the control procedures with a copy of the declaration. Make sure you keep the technical file safely to present it to the enforcement bodies upon request.

Bottom Line

You need to review the declaration regularly. As you start the review, you need to ensure that the product complies with the regulations after a certain period. Moreover, there’s a need to comply with the current legislation before promoting the product. Post the CE Mark testing process; you need to check if the mark is authentic. You first need to look for the symbol on the product itself. If the symbol is not present, check the packaging. Lastly, you can ask for a certificate of conformity only when you can’t observe the CE mark. You must also have the accompanying documents which show that the product conforms to the applicable EU regulations.

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