Discover the Route of the Cenotes in Puerto Morelos

The Route of the Cenotes in Puerto Morelos is a heaven where nature appears in the entirety of its wonder and that you won’t find elsewhere on the planet. Situated on Puerto Morelos, the notable Course of the Cenotes houses a few regular and experience parks; as well as more than 60 cenotes, where as well as swimming, plunging, and kayaking, you can do fun exercises, for example, Zip line tour in Cancun, ATV, or off-road bicycle visits, bungee bouncing and horseback riding.

Where is the Cenote Course?

The Route of the Cenotes in Puerto Morelos, 25 minutes via vehicle from Cancún or from Playa del Carmen. On the off chance that you’re going from Cancun, steer the government 307 Roadway toward the path to Playa del Carmen. When you pass Puerto Morelos, you’ll track down the diversion to Leona Vicario. Access can be to some degree muddled in the event that you don’t have your own vehicle, so we suggest leasing a vehicle or recruiting a taxi, ensuring that the help is full circle, or even better, doing it through a visit that incorporates transportation.
Here are a portion of the cenotes that you can not miss on the off chance that you intend to visit this mysterious spot:

Cenote Zapote

It is situated inside the recreation area of a similar name – Parque Cenote Zapote – it’s 170 feet down. It is special because of its staggering mineral arrangements known as “Chimes of the Hidden world,” which are cave rock formations that became submerged. To see them, plunging and having a specialist jumper certificate is important in light of the fact that they are at extraordinary profundity. The recreation area has two other cenotes called Abuelo Che and Las Palmas; you will likewise find a zip line, bicycle visits, and Buggy and ATV all terrain in Cancun.

Cenote Siete Bocas

Siete Bocas is a semi-open cenote. Its name is because of its seven vents, some of them associated, which permits you to swim starting with one then onto the next while you amuse watching the foundations of the trees fall looking for water or respect the tapered rocks. Five miles from the Siete Bocas cenote, you will find an open cenote, which you can reach by bike or ATV.

Cenote Family Há

It is a cavern molded cenote that is a phenomenal spot to jump, 130 feet down and perfectly clear waters. Recollect additionally to visit the open cenote Blanca Flor that is just a single kilometer away and where you can slide on zip lines, or on the other hand assuming you are more bold, send off yourself from a noteworthy pinnacle 46 feet high.

Cenote La Noria

Assuming you like setting up camp, in this park you can make it happen. At 60 feet down, ideal for individuals essentially need to drench themselves in the reviving waters of a cenote. Here you can likewise fly over its great wilderness through a zip line circuit or travel via land driving an ATV.

Cenote Las Mojarras

It is the biggest cenote of the Course of the Cenotes, 220 feet in breadth. Here you can fly over the water on its 2000 feet zip line or visit the superb Mayan wilderness by ATV.

Cenote Verde Lucero

It is a wonderful open cenote. Slide on its zip line and mull over the emerald-green shade of its waters or practice your best plunges bouncing from one of its foundation.

Cenote Boca del Panther

This inconceivable park has two cenotes inside, zip lines, bicycle, and ATV visits, as well as horseback riding, climbing, and rappelling. Here you can likewise find out about the set of experiences and elaboration of biting gum.

Topic and Experience Parks

Among the subject and experience stops that you will find along the Course of the Cenotes are: Selvatica and Xenotes. In these parks, other than knowing the various kinds of cenotes nearby, you can do swimming, plunging, and kayaking. You can do fun exercises, for example, zip lines, ATV or off-road bicycle visits, bungee bouncing, and horseback riding.

Fundamental Things to Be aware Before you Visit:

Bring a bathing suit, towel, shades, cap or cap, new garments and ideally wear shoes for water.
Prior to plunging into any of the cenotes, attempt to dispose of from your body any synthetic substances (body creams, sunblock, cosmetics, antiperspirants, and so forth.).
Assuming you will utilize sunscreen or repellent, ensure it is biodegradable.
Most cenotes are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; in any case, we suggest that you generally take a look at ahead of time.

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