DRIPPING AIR CONDITIONING: MOST COMMON CAUSES? Air conditioning dripping water is a sign of a problem and that your unit is most likely not working correctly. But, regardless of what caused the problem, one thing is for sure: if the drip pan is not fixed in time, you run a severe risk of losing the air conditioning unit.

But wait, that’s not going to happen! That’s because this post here is full of tips and information to help you solve this dilemma. Check out.

Air conditioner dripping water: most common causes and how to solve

Incorrect installation of the device:

One of the biggest reasons behind an air conditioner dripping water is the incorrect installation of the device, especially if your air conditioner is new.

In this case, most likely, the appliance’s evaporator was installed crooked on the wall. It may also happen that the pipe used in the installation is smaller than that recommended by the manufacturer. DRIPPING AIR CONDITIONING: MOST COMMON CAUSES?

Therefore, the first thing you should do is analyze how the installation was carried out and, if you notice any defect, contact the technician responsible for the installation.

Dirt in the air conditioning:

Already an air conditioner with more use time may have water drops due to the accumulation of dirt inside the device.

The lack of cleaning of filters and other components is highly harmful to the air conditioner’s health.

Therefore, periodic cleaning of the filters, condenser tray, and evaporator are essential.

This cleaning should be carried out fortnightly for appliances that remain on for a long time. But if your air conditioner is not used often, the time between cleanings can be longer, with a maximum interval of thirty days on average.

If you doubt how to clean the air conditioner, call a technician you trust to perform the service.

Air leak:


Air conditioning dripping water can also mean air leakage or poor sealing.

If the device has not been correctly sealed, hot air accumulates on the outside, causing water droplets to condense when coming into contact with cold air.

However, this is simple: perform a new seal making sure that the device is completely sealed.

Coil freezing

Freezing of the coil located inside the unit can also result in an air conditioner dripping with water.

The most common reason for this is the accumulation of dirt on the part. This is because excess dust and other debris prevent air passage, causing it to freeze inside the device and, consequently, result in water dripping on the outside of the air conditioner.

To identify this problem, you must place your hands on the device to feel cold. If you notice that it is freezing, the streamer is frozen, a strong indication.

However, a specialized professional must solve this problem since they are difficult to reach and remove parts. The hygiene of these components is also differentiated.

Climate and temperature:

The air conditioner may suffer a thermal shock in some rarer cases due to sudden temperature changes.

This is because most appliances are programmed to work in a temperature range that varies between 15ºC and 33ºC.

When temperatures drop or rise too much, the device “works” too much resulting in wear and tear on internal parts and components.

In addition to temperature changes, dripping air conditioning can also mean high humidity. In these cases, the idea is to call a technician to assess the problem and, thus, carry out the necessary repairs.

Drain obstruction:

A clogged or blocked drain is another factor that causes the air conditioner to drip water. And guess why the drain gets clogged? The dirt inside the appliance. See how vital cleaning is?

But it’s not just dirt that can clog the drain. Another reason for this to happen is the unevenness of this component. Water can also leak out of the appliance if the drain is out of level.

Therefore, it is worth checking the health of your air conditioner’s drain.

Burnt bomb:

The drain pump can burn due to excess dirt inside, causing the air conditioner to start dripping outside.

However, not all appliances have a drain pump. This part is only installed when there are no drainage points nearby. If this is your case, it is essential to check the pump and maintenance and cleaning.

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