Engagement Gifts For Your Wife-To-Be  

Wedding season has entered its full vigour with colourful decors, scented flowers and meaningful rituals. If you are one of the lucky ones to tie the knot this winter then here are a few awesome gift suggestions for you to win over your partner’s heart on your engagement day. Check out this list to find extraordinary engagement gifts for your fiancé.

Personalised face mask

The pandemic doesn’t seem to get over anytime soon. So none of us could afford to let our guards down. A set of personalised gift masks has to be the most useful gift item given the current world scenario. Amaze your partner with vibrant customised face masks on your engagement day.


If your wife is a mermaid in the water a stylish swimsuit is the best gift to encourage her to carry on the things she loves. This could also be a hint towards having a fun honeymoon somewhere near clear water with sand in the hair!

Custom made dessert box

Give your wife a much-needed break from a restricted diet. Weddings should be fun rather than being a competition of looking skinny. Motivate your partner to pamper her sweet tooth with exquisite personalised dessert boxes with chocolates, cupcakes, tarts, fudge and more from an online cake store.

Stylish wrist watch

A fashionable wristwatch is a great way to gift classy accessories that could easily compliment any outfit. You can get a variety of wrist watches according to the occasion in which you are gifting in various price ranges.

Silk robe

From engagement to the wedding the bride has to take in a roller coaster ride. Looking top-notch for special days is a huge responsibility. While waiting to slip into the heavy traditional attire, a comfortable silk robe can be great loungewear in which your partner can spend a few relaxing hours before going into a stunning bridal transformation.

Natural body scrub & essential oils

Self-care should be a priority irrespective of age or gender. Push your partner towards a healthy body and mind with natural exfoliating body scrubs and essentials like that will bring out her inner glow.

A spacious travel backpack

If your wife is bitten by a travel bug, a spacious and stylish travel backpack could be the right gift you could give her as a meaningful gesture. This would also come in handy in your impending honeymoon after the wedding ceremony.

Diamond pendants

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Woo your lady’s heart with fine cut diamonds in the form of elegant pendants.

Pearl bracelets

Pearls with their pure and simple look could fit in any look and make the bride shine like an angel. Your lady love will be flabbergasted by a shiny,  pure white pearl bracelet in a small gift box.

Cute ring dish

A personalised ring dish with initials inscribed on the top is a trendy gift for engagements. It will help your partner store tiny rings, pins and other essentials.

Customised 3 tier designer engagement cake

A 3 to designer cake for the engagement party will startle not only your fiance but the guests as well. Choose to order cake online to get custom made grand engagement cakes to fit your special day.

Sapphire necklace

Sapphire’s see beautiful stones that could transform a simple necklace into statement jewellery. A sapphire necklace could be the perfect surprise gift to celebrate your new relationship.

Comfortable nightgowns

Soft and silky mighty gowns are the excellent icebreaking gift that could induce sparks of intimacy in your relationship.

Pair of sneakers

Stilettos and pumps can’t always satisfy the feminine urge to tread fast on difficult and uneven roads. Gift your fiance a pair of comfortable sneakers in a box to add to her travelling spree.

Lacy lingerie

Increase your romantic relationship with lacy lingerie in subtle colours for special nights. Take the initiative to make your partner feel extraordinary.


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