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Fitness App Development – Cost and Key Features

A revolution has been sparked by the emergence of fitness mobile apps. Not only do they help improve fitness, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s examine in depth the impact that these custom fitness app development companies have on you, their importance, and much more.

Basics of Fitness Apps

Entrepreneurs with a passion for fitness are now implementing their ideas, and investing eagerly in this lucrative business.

Start the app development process by working with gym trainers, fitness experts, and dieticians.

Apps should be designed to make it easy for customers and experts alike to register. The user interface should be as simple as you can and include all the fitness and exercise sections that will be offered by the app in a drop-down menu.

Categorization of Fitness Mobile App

We’ll explore the various categories of fitness apps in more detail. Businesses can create an app that specializes in any of the broad categories for Health & Fitness apps, or a combination.

Workout/Exercise apps

People find it difficult to make time from their busy lives to go to the gym every day. Fitness and health apps are a great way to help people stay fit. These apps act as personal trainers. Logging into an app gives users access to pre-planned weight loss regimens and other exercises.

Physical Activities Tracking Apps

Now, it’s easy to track the physical activities that a person does throughout the day. The app uses the motion sensors in the smartphone and GPS to collect accurate data about the number of steps, stairs climbed or run liquid consumption, kilometers walked or ran, sleep hours, or calories burnt.

Yoga Apps

Find it difficult to learn different yoga postures. Fitness and health apps make it easy to learn yoga poses by showing a visual demonstration.

Diet Planning Apps

Are you worried about your weight? Diet planner apps make weight loss easier. These apps let you keep track of a user’s sugar and calorie intake, their food and water consumption, and recommend food. One can control their eating habits this way.

Market & Growth Stats

There is no doubt that the fitness planner app has spread its visibility around the world. According to the stats for 2020, the fitness app market was valued at $5.7B and is expected 2028 to reach $25.2B with a growth of 20%. Global Health and Fitness Market’s report shows that people are now more concerned about their health. In September 2020, The World Economic Forum announced that 46% of people will rely on these apps to stay healthy during a pandemic. These apps improve the health of users by solving their daily health issues.

These apps may be more geared towards improving the lifestyle of their users by integrating medical and healthcare solutions. All of this can be achieved by integrating suitable frameworks into their platforms. To achieve their goals, users can choose between different functionalities, such as tracking exercise activities, calorie consumption, setting specific fitness goals, planning workouts, and sharing on social media.

North America comes out on top when it comes to the geographical leaders in this industry, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Nexercise is the leading contributor, followed by Nike, Aaptiv, and Fitbod.

How to create a health and fitness application

Find the business model based on the audience

The task of selecting a few niches out of hundreds to pursue is not easy. It’s not easy to stand out from your competitors. Plan your needs, and determine if your ideas will bridge the gap between market demands. If yes, then you can move forward. Finding the right business model will not only increase your profits, but it will also give you a reason to celebrate your success. You have a variety of choices to choose from, such as a daily diet chart, a weight loss program, or a fitness tracking app. Do not rush to the next step.

Define goals, and assign responsibilities.

Ever heard of large companies establishing their presence around the globe without a goal? They would, of course, have a goal at first and then connect with people who could turn their goals into their commitments. So basically, setting a goal is at the core of success. To etch your goal on the wall of success, you must have a clear and focused mind. You might feel confused when planning your goal, but an expert team can guide you.

There are many responsibilities to fulfill when creating an app. From setting the goal to managing campaigns to launching your app and maintaining it in the future. You have three choices for how to continue your journey.

  • You can achieve your goal by yourself if you are an expert.
  • You can also hire a team of dedicated developers to plan your project for you. This will allow you to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • You could also connect with a partner or freelancer who can help you through the entire process.

Start on the right foot:

It is important to know if you are on the right track or not. This can be achieved by analyzing the entire product, adjusting it to the needs of the user, and calculating the total cost. It is important to determine if you are heading in the right direction as the owner of a mobile application. It is your responsibility to ensure them since they trust you and have invested their money in your products. You can convert every dollar into useful features by adding advanced features to your mobile health and fitness app, such as whole-body analysis tools, lab testing instruments, and more.

Introduction of key features

The most important part of the mobile app development process is this step. It is important to include some intrusive features to turn your business brand. You should try to create a win-win scenario for both your product and the customer. You should cover all the features that are relevant to certain panels, such as the admin, fitness coach, or user.

Monetization Opportunities

It is a very competitive market for health and fitness applications. There are many opportunities to get into it, both as entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts. Before you enter the market, it is important to carefully analyze the market tactics. You should also look at the previous statistics, the growth rate, and the strategies of your competitors. You need to choose a monetization strategy that is suitable for your niche to get the best ROI.

Let’s understand each one of them one by one.

Paying Membership:

This is a premium version that’s only available to customers who pay. This is the best model for generating revenue. This model allows you to add advanced features like a personal coach assistant or training plans, including some free ones, to maximize profits. People are now more health conscious, so they’ll choose your plan if it has that feature.

In-apps advertisements:

This is the most effective model for eCommerce businesses. Google pays a penny for every click made by the user. This model is best if you have a lot of traffic to your app. Users may get frustrated with random ads, and switch apps.


You can earn a commission by leveraging the reach of your product. Affiliate markets such as Flipkart and Amazon offer commissions to those who market their products. Take your time to analyze the products and see if they fit your fitness and/or health niche. Then, experiment with your content and gain insight into your customers.

Freemium Business Model

This is the free model. This model does not allow you to make money, but you can get high visibility if your app has well-developed features and services. This model will help you engage your customers, and increase their trust.

Fitness Market Leaders

We have selected the top 3 players in the market to monitor our fitness hacks. There are many reasons why an individual should stay healthy and fit. Fitness tracker apps allow users to save time by quickly obtaining their body stats.

Google Fit

Google is the manufacturer. This is one of those promised apps to track fitness and health. You can now count your steps, track your heart rate, and keep an eye on your health. Start the GPS tracker and use the app. Your every step will be counted by the app. You can earn rewards if you reach a certain number of steps. This is a great solution for intermediates and beginners who are not able to use complex exercises.


This is one of the best free fitness tracker applications for Android. You can track your distance whether you walk or run. The app has several features that allow you to calculate distances, such as the average distance, total distance, run log, and pace per kilometer. The music feature allows you to enjoy your workout without feeling tired. With the paid version, you can get more advanced features.


FitNotes is a tracking app for those who don’t want to use heavy-duty apps. This app is very simple but has many features that allow fitness enthusiasts to track their daily activities without spending a dime. Individuals need features like running, cardio, and bodybuilding. The calendar feature allows you to create your workout routines and mark important dates. Cloud storage limits the storage capacity.

Basic Features of Fitness Apps

It is important to choose the right features for the app. Here are some of the most important features that a fitness application must have.

User Panel

Registration: After the user successfully installs the app, you can register by using Facebook, email, or generating OTP to the mobile number.

Editing the user profile: After registering, users will need to enter their details. These include a name and age, as well as sex, weight, and height. The app will then know what the user is currently doing physically.

Social Integration: Allow users to connect the app to their social media accounts so they can share with friends and family their daily achievements and progress.

Set multiple goals: The app allows users to create their own goals that they can achieve within a specified period.

Save user statistics: The apps that use the cloud sync function, save user statistics to a journal. This allows you to track your progress.

Schedule: Several workout plans will be pre-scheduled based on the information entered by the user. The user will see a visual demonstration to ensure that they are performing the exercise with the correct posture.

Geolocation integration: The app must have GPS permission to track the user in real-time. Geolocation integration allows users to accurately track their steps, kilometers, and sleeping hours.

Payment Integration: Although many services are free, there are still premium features available to users who pay for their monthly subscriptions using Debit/Credit Cards, NetBanking, or eWallets.

Push Notifications to Display Results: Push notification is integrated to be notified of daily, weekly, and monthly achievements. Users can share their achievements on social networking websites.

Admin Panel

To develop a fitness app, you will need to work with gym experts, fitness equipment and supplement suppliers, and dieticians. The app can then offer real-time updates and execute live sessions between app users and fitness professionals. This requires that the user register and log in from within the app.

Dashboard: After logging in, clients are taken to the dashboard of the app, where they can track and store the records of their live sessions. The admin will be able to see the order history of the users for supplements and gym equipment. They can also view the date that the items were delivered.

Account section: Here, users can access information about customer reviews, previous deliveries, and their account balance.

Payment section: The clients can choose to pay the gym trainers, owners, and fitness professionals using an app, or transfer money directly to their bank account.

Marketing and Promotion Tools: Referral programs, loyalty programs or cashback programs are the best ways to promote these apps. Other marketing methods include push notifications, social sharing, retargeting, and more. Admins can enable the administrator

For Fitness Coaches:

Fitness Charts: Fitness trainers prepare fitness charts for their clients based on their current condition.

Fitness coaches must plan nutrition plans that are tailored to the users’ health and fitness. For accurate plans, you must take into account their BMI, lifestyle, and other parameters.

Calculate BMI: Body Mass Index is a quick analysis of your body that predicts the health of the body.

Calorie Counter – This feature allows you to calculate your users’ calorie intake and adjust it accordingly.

Diet Chart: Create a personalized diet chart for each trainee based on their height and weight to help them achieve their fitness goals. Create a weekly schedule for them so that they are motivated and feel more energetic.

Water intake: This feature lets the coach determine the amount of water that their trainees need and notifies them according to the duration and goals.

The team structure required for Fitness App development:

A mobile app team is required to create a truly remarkable application. This includes designers, developers, and testers. You must have a list of candidates to evaluate quickly. You need to hire the following key personnel for app development:

Project Manager: A person with a great deal of knowledge in the field and excellent managerial skills who can carry out a deep market study and make recommendations on the best thing to do.

Designers: App designers are essential to creating an app that is appealing to users. Hiring a team of UX/UI experts who can choose the right colors, elements, backgrounds, etc., is a great idea.

The project manager must guide the Android and iOS developers. You must have a good relationship with your app developers so that they can offer technical support, and update the app quickly in the event of a bug.

Hire quality analysts to help you find any flaws that may be present in your app. The app can only be launched after it has been thoroughly tested and certified by testers.

Tech Stack for Health & Fitness App Development:

Many functions and tools are required to build an incredible app. The app’s functionality is enhanced by several features. APIs such as Luno API and Runscope API are used to access tools like BMI Calculator, FoodSpex, etc. The backend is where all the tools and APIs work.

Several frameworks can be used in addition to hardware, tools, and APIs. To build the app you will need languages like Python, Java HTML, CSS React, Android SDK, and Spring Frameworks. IBM Softlayer provides cloud hosting.

Other tech stacks include:

  • For project management use Confluence.
  • JIRA is a great tool for tracking errors.
  • A relic is a great tool for performance monitoring.
  • GitHub is a great tool for code collaboration.
  • You can also use HipChat for the help desk.

Time and Cost of Fitness App Development

The length of time it takes to create an app is largely determined by the size and complexity of the app. It can range from two to four months. The cost of developing an app also depends on these two factors and one more, namely. The number of platforms you wish to use for your app, and the location of the development center. The following are the hourly rates for specific regions:

  • Developers in the United States earn between $50 and $250 per hour
  • Singapore developers charge $30 to $150 an hour
  • Developers in India earn between $10 and $80 an hour

Below we provide a basic estimation of the time and cost required to develop an app with typical features on the Android platform, with India as the development center.

  • The technical documentation can take up to 40 hours ($1000-$2000).
  • UI/UX Designers may spend 60 hours (1500-3000 dollars)
  • Around 400 hours of development time ($10,000 to $20,00) is required for both front-end and back-end development
  • Testing MVP can take 80 hours (between $2000 and $4000).
  • It may take 40 hours to polish and fix bugs (between $1000 and $2000).

If you add up the total cost of an app, it may be between $15,000 and $30,000 on a single platform. You may have to spend $50,000 if you decide to create a cross-platform application or add additional features. Spending that amount of money will ensure that your app is successful.


Many companies develop health fitness apps, and this provides businesses with the opportunity to expand their reach. This blog has explained the basics of a fitness app development. We have also discussed the market leaders and revenue models. And what is the cost and time to create a great app?

We guarantee that you will enjoy your experience with us if you let us turn your app into a valuable, high-quality product.

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