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  • How Healthcare Marketing Agency increases your income with SMM
  • What results have been achieved
  • Why you should apply for SMM Healthcare Marketing Agency

Social media accounts do not sell, and their benefits cannot be measured – a common problem for both startups and large companies. What can prevent a business from earning through social networks:

  • There is no faith in SMM in a specific niche. Complex products are difficult to present successfully on social networks.
  • Unformed expectations. If you do not designate KPI at the start, you will not be satisfied with the result of even the most competent SMM campaign.
  • There is no monitoring and response work—too long answers to questions in person and under posts and no control over mentions.
  • There are no specialists. Account management requires full-time attention. And targeting implies a deep dive into analytics. When one person solves all SMM tasks, quality suffers.

To work with social networks competently, you need to assemble a team of professionals: an account manager, editor-in-chief, authors, proofreader, designer, posting manager, monitoring and response specialist, and herpetologist. Not every company can afford such an in-house department. And it’s not always justified. Save time and money and outsource all the worries to an SMM agency. We tell you how Arrivo Media specialists cope with SMM tasks.

To promote a business on social networks, you need a team of narrow specialists.

How Healthcare Marketing Agency increases your income with SMM

Before launching a project, we communicate with the client and designate the metrics by which we will evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion. The most relevant for most areas:

  • Lead conversion and sales – CR
  • Engagement Rate – ER
  • Cost per click – CPC
  • Cost per lead – CPL
  • Subscriber Growth
  • Website traffic
  • Coverage

Our value is KPI. We improve metrics only with white promotion methods.

We draw up a work plan and calculate the promotion cost based on key indicators and  form a team with expertise and experience in your field. Also, solve operational issues in messengers, send reports, make strategic decisions via e-mail, and coordinate posts in VK.

Analyze the social networks of competitors. Then, we segment the target audience. At this stage, the SMM strategy is indicated.

We are developing a communication matrix and tone of voice and design accounts, headings, and navigation – according to the client’s tasks. We introduce a system of triggers – quick answers to typical questions. While working on the project, we work out requests. Therefore, we guarantee the growth of audience loyalty. We prepare posts, and creatives conduct photo shoots.

After social networks are ready to receive traffic, we begin advertising activities. We make native stuffing, publications with opinion leaders, and set up targeted advertising. We test hypotheses to select the most working campaigns.

What results were achieved (with examples)

For 10 years of work, we have successfully implemented 1435 SMM projects from retail and real estate to medicine and fashion.

Why you should apply for SMM in Healthcare Marketing Agency

  1.  We work quickly and solve urgent problems today. Also, we always stay in touch and love to communicate with customers. On the project, you are accompanied by an account manager who controls the work of specialists and compliance with deadlines.
  2. We understand your business. Also, we have deep expertise in SMM and have worked on lead generation strategies in various industries. The portfolio includes 556 satisfied clients in 46 topics and will help you increase sales, whether you are a beauty salon or a construction plant.
  3. Also, we generate content and we approach promotion through social networks in a complex way. Therefore, we involve a team of content managers in the project responsible for social networks’ visual and textual content. If you already have experience, we will take that into account.

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