How Many Grafts Cover The Textured Hair Transplant Cost?

The hair transplant techniques are ultra-modern to deliver the finest results as per unique patient requirements. If you have hair loss on the scalp due to genetic reasons, you can implant them surgically. The FUE technique is useful in the restoration of hairs with the grafting of hairs to bald sites. You can even consider this technique for thick hairs, which are often curly and wavy. The hair surgeon will extract the grafts from the donor site and implant them in bald spots. However, textured hair transplant cost is a prominent factor to consider before you undergo the process of an implant.

Is textured hair restoration challenging?

Well, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that works by harvesting healthy hair follicles from donor sites. The surgeon probably chooses the back of the head to remove the grafts. Extraction of grafts is fairly difficult in the case of textured hairs since they have curls. Therefore, the survival rate of grafts could vary from high to low. So, the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction is preferred for completing the procedure successfully. This is a smart technique that works with mechanized tools to harvest the grafts. The surgeon would give the command as per the requirement to the machine for extracting the grafts. A solution is used to keep the follicles retaining their survival rates.

Cost of textured hair restoration

It is pointless to mention that African American hair transplant is more difficult than ordinary hair transplant. A surgeon would have to make several efforts to ensure the surgery is successful. There are several considerations to take into account for meeting the goals. So, the overall textured hair transplant cost could vary according to various facts. The surgeon will look at the following things:

The extent of hair loss

The range of hair loss could be mild to severe; thus, it is important to make planning before commencing the hair restoration procedure. A surgeon would have to consider the number of hair grafts required to cover the hair loss. Normally, if the hair loss is at the crown and top, then 1200 to 1500 grafts will be required.

Size of the balding

Again the size of the hair restoration area matters a lot when it comes to considering the cost. However, in the case of texture hairs, hair grafting is less required. The unique trait of curly hairs can cover the scalp more than straight hairs. So with an improved survival rate, the number of required extracted hairs may decline.

Technique preference

After evaluating the extent of hair loss and the size of the area to be treated, a hair surgeon might consider a bespoke technique. The natural results from this hair restoration will only come with full scalp covering.

Benefits of FUE for textured hair transplant

FUE is no doubt a fantastic technique for hair restoration. This works with the natural progression of thick hair follicles implanted on the scalp. Therefore, you can get a natural hairline even with curly hairs, and it will be difficult to differentiate implanted hairs. However, textured hair transplant cost can vary from 5000 to 15000 dollars with the FUE technique.

To sum up

Getting hair restoration with thick hairs is somewhat difficult due to curls and waves in the hair. But when you consult a professional hair surgeon, you can achieve desired results. You can schedule an initial consultation with the surgeon to know about the textured hair transplant cost. There are several factors that can augment the cost of this procedure. So, knowing about possible outcomes and overall charges is the key to attaining desired results.

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