How much does a history teacher earn?

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A lot of people say that teachers don’t earn much, and that’s partly true. Their work, in fact, is not appreciated in other countries either. This is a common problem of the current world order, so blaming any state for this is at least stupid. So is it really that bad? How much does a history teacher earn and what factors can influence his final income? This is worth talking about!

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What affects the salary of a history teacher?

Speaking about how much a teacher of history and social studies gets at school, it is important to take into account the list of criteria that can influence this. They look like this:


When considering how much a history and social studies teacher earns, it is important to consider the region in which he works. If we are talking about Islamabad and Lahore, then this is automatically doubled wages. In the regions, the figures are much lower than in the central cities, and the difference can be up to two or more times.


As a rule, teachers earn money for teaching classes. Therefore, the more of them, the higher the income. This must be taken into account.


A history teacher, and quite often, also conducts classes in social studies. Of course, for this, he receives additional funds. The more subjects he takes according to his education, the higher his income and vice versa.

Additional responsibilities. 

Quite often, teachers have a list of those duties for which they are paid extra. For example, he may be cool in any class and this is an additional financial opportunity for him.


Among other things, teachers can receive bonuses. This is true for any region and city.

School type. 

At a minimum, there is a public and private school. In the second, as a rule, they pay more money due to the increased budget allocated to education in particular.


Teachers, like most other professionals, have their own qualifications. It is possible to increase it every few years. The state pays for the existing advanced training, and the teacher, in this case, may receive a salary increase.

All these factors must be taken into account when determining the final income of a history teacher. You need to go to it right now.

History teacher earnings in Pakistan and the USA

If we take the average salary in the country, then a history teacher receives approximately 25,302 rupees per month of work. Most of the money is offered in the following subjects of the Pakistan Federation:

  • Karachi- 37,500 rupees;
  • Multan- 35833 rupees;
  • Peshawar- 35556 rupees;
  • Faisalabad- 30278 rupees;
  • Rawalpindi – 29,080 rupees;
  • Hyderabad – 25,000 rupees.

Islamabad and Lahore, basically, a teacher earns about 40-50 thousand rupees, depending on qualifications.

f we take other countries, especially the United States of America, the situation changes. For example, a history teacher can earn between $40,000 and $50,000 a year. 

This is approximately $3,500-5,000 per month, depending on various bonuses and other allowances. With that kind of money, they can afford, unfortunately, not a luxurious, but a decent life for sure. Therefore, in other countries, it is easy to call teachers in demand!

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