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How to increase your fibre intake

What is fibre? Fibre is the indigestible part of plant foods. They are usually the walls of the plant cells, skins and seeds. Due to the refining of the foods we eat much of the fibre has been lost in our diets. This in turn has caused a rise in digestive problems and overall poor health.

How does fibre help your digestive tract? It absorbs water when it moves through the digestive tract and forms bulk in the intestines. This will soften stool and help food move faster through the digestive system.

List of common foods that contain fibre:

Brussels Sprouts, 2 grams
Broccoli, 4-5 grams
Bread, 4-7 grams – 2 slices whole wheat, pumpernickel, seven-grain
Carrots, 3-4 grams
Bran Cereals, 5-10 grams – like All-Bran
Beans, 6-10 grams – baked beans, black beans, great northern beans, kidney beans, garbanzos, pinto beans, white beans
Berries, 4-5 grams – blackberries, raspberries
Sweet Corn, 5 grams
Peas, 7-9 grams – black-eyed peas, green peas
Greens, 4-6 grams – kale and spinach
Bananas, 3 grams – medium 8″ long
Dried Figs, 10 grams – 3 figs
Fruit, 4 grams – medium apple, medium pear

According to the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council a healthy adult needs 20g-30g of fibre per day. However the average person is only consuming 14-15 grams. This is leading to digestive problems and contributing to the growing problem of obesity. Research is uncovering proof that fibre is helpful in prevention and relief from a variety of serious diseases.

There are easy ways to increase your fibre intake:

Eating brown whole wheat bread instead of refined white bread or including more lentils, fruits and vegetables in your diet (see above list for some of these). Try brown rice instead of refined white rice and change up your breakfast to a bran cereal or granola cereal for breakfast. See some of our delicious and easy to make breakfasts for inspiration here.

When you increase fibre in your diet you will experience some bloating and gas problems at first. However these will all subside in a matter of weeks as your body gets used to your new improved diet.

Food supplements for fibre: Because it is often quite hard to include the amount of fibre we need in our diets supplements can be taken to increase fibre and for treatment of certain conditions. These will all help with digestive disorders.

Psyllium husk is a common supplement (contained in brands like Metamucil). Vegetable gums are a new form of fibre supplement and are typically guar gum or acacia. There are 100’s of products on the market, but have done the research for you and have sourced the most globally trusted, purest, premium fibre product.

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Increasing fibre in your diet will help your digestive system function better. This will result in lowering cholesterol and improving your overall health. With improved health you will be able to feel better, look better, think better and enjoy your life to the full.

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