List of top 10 birthday gifts for Someone special in your Life!!

If your girlfriend is a huge makeup and nail polish lover and you want to buy her something special for her birthday, then check out these top 10 birthday gifts for her this season. You need to look into what she likes or else you might end up buying something that just stays in the corner collecting dust. Your girlfriend will be amazed by your thoughtful gift as well as by the effort that you put into making it!

No.1:   Nail Design Kit

This nail art kit lets her paint and decorate her nails however she wants with endless possibilities. It has over 50 designer pieces, including three colors of pearlescent glitters and one hundred different patterned papers and decals for getting artistic with designs on their nails.

No.2:   Face Masks

It’s good to pamper yourself every once in a while. If she loves keeping her face looking smooth and clean, then this face mask set is the best gift for your girlfriend on her birthday. This package comes with 9 different types of masks that you can choose from depending on what skin type your gf has; whether it’s dry skin or normal skin! Your girlfriend will definitely love having these masks at hand when she needs to relax after working hard.

No.3:   7-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Looking for an eye shadow brush? You might want to consider this 7-piece makeup brush set as a present for your girl because they’re sleek and easy to use. This set comes with a wide variety of different brushes that she can use in applying her makeup or for touch-ups during the day without having to bring her whole makeup collection!

No.4:   Quirky Unicorn Night Light

If she’s a night owl, then this unicorn night light will surely put a smile on her face when she wakes up from bed. LEDs illuminate from inside this magical faux fur toy and shine through cutout designs to create rotating star patterns on the walls and ceiling when you press the dream button. It’s one of the best birthdays presents for girlfriends who love unicorns and anything magic!

No.5:   Makeup Brush Holder

The girlfriend is probably tired of buying drawers just to keep her makeup tools organized. Surprise your girlfriend with this makeup brush holder that is capable of holding up to 30 brushes! She’ll definitely be surprised at how you noticed her obsession for collecting these types of things.

No.6:   The Big Book Of Nail Art

If she loves painting her nails, then this book might come in handy for your girl because it has over 500 different nail art designs that will surely cater to your girl’s taste! This fabulous hardcover book comes with nail design ideas that are easy to do but elegant at the same time. Your girlfriend will love trying out these fun nail art designs, especially if you are the one helping her do them!

No.7:     Magnetic Nail Polish

If she loves painting her nails and is an avid fan of trying out new colors, then this magnetic nail polish will definitely make a great gift for your girlfriend. This type of nail polish changes color depending on the angle you look at it; it goes from red to pink to purple – you’ll be able to amaze your friends with this one-of-a-kind nail polish!

No.8:   Portable Charger & Stand

Girls nowadays are always on-the-go and need their devices close by. One great birthday present that you can give her is a portable charger with a stand so she doesn’t have to worry about her phone running out of juice while she’s in a middle of an important conversation. It also comes with a built-in LED flashlight and phone stand which is an added bonus!

No.9:   Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

This makeup brush cleaning mat will definitely come in handy for your girlfriend because it’s capable of cleaning up to 20 brushes at once. This unique product prevents the bristles from bending as you’re trying to clean them making this product one of the best birthday gifts that you can give her!

No.10:   “I Like You A Whole Latte” Mug

The coffee mug says it all… this cute phrase along with a picture of a latte art heart makes a great present for your girlfriend on her special day because it uses hot liquid to reveal itself, so it’s a great reminder of your everlasting love for her!

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