People are thinking about some ideas to earn extra income from the online platform. They look for platforms where they can use their skills and earn some passive income. Internet is like a savior for us all, in every type of way possible. We can find a way for any problem! We found this one as well. During the harsh lockdown times, we all were looking for another way to make money. At that time, the internet and technology were the only things that could make us earn something. We got so many options out of them. One of the most accessible and fun ways is to earn online with some real money earning games, posting videos, writing, etc.! 

Let us segregate some fun and easy options to make some extra cash online.


The Dangal games is an online platform for all die-hard online gaming fans. This platform has up to 50 casual games, which can give out so many real money awards to the users who are genuinely interested in gaming and want to play the games. These casual games are easy and simple ones that anyone could play. 

If there are new people to these games, they could play the practice matches first rather than the cash leagues. But if you would participate in the cash leagues, that is where you can win real money prizes. It is the best real money earning app that you could use for yourself. Just utilize your free time and keep playing and enjoying different games, which could lead you to huge money prizes daily. 


Are you a fantasy gamer? This is one best and new fantasy app you can download on your smartphones to play some fantasy games daily. Enjoy fantasy cricket, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy football by making your team on the app. You don’t know when you could become lucky enough and earn massive prizes daily. This new fantasy app has gained many users and has come into the trend. So, come and join the lakhs of other users to win daily cash prizes and other rewards. 

Also, invite your friends to the app and also get some bonus points for that! Register your account on the Fantasy Dangal app and make your team play your first match now. 


It is an app run by Amazon. Here you can sign up on the app, and you have to do some of the very simple tasks. You can earn a few dollars in an hour and would be happy to do such exciting tasks while earning money. Just sit on your couch, and have fun while making some passive income for yourself. That could be beneficial for you and won’t be wasting your time. 

  • Elance

It is an app that helps people find their freelance work from any profession. You can sign up on the app and have your details uploaded so that new work can see you as soon as possible. It is good to earn money with all your talent and the work you love the most. You can also build up your portfolio, which could be used afterward in other places.


It is an exciting app where all our photographers can showcase their talent for photography. You can sell the photos which you have clicked recently! You can upload some of your related pictures, and anyone who would like it and want it would come up to you asking for it. So you can go and register your account now on the app. If you have this incredible talent and passion for photography, then here is the platform for you. 


It is a website where you can be paid for the most exciting thing, that is teaching! You can take some online classes for the student and have an excellent earning option from that. You can update your teaching skills and the subjects you are most interested in, leading you to get paid. No teaching degree is necessary in this case, and you can easily take up the classes. 


It is the most popular and trendy app where you can get paid for doing some online surveys. You can complete a small survey and can get paid for it. Swagbucks, give you awards like gift cards or points that the users could redeem. You can fill up some surveys and get paid for them. What is the more easy method to earn some cash online?


So, here are some of the best options which you could use for earning some extra cash online. Don’t forget to showcase your best talent and move towards your passion. These are some ways which could just give you some daily earnings. So, go ahead and have fun while earning money.

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