The Most Popular Ways To Earn Bitcoin For Free 

Cryptocurrency trading is the easiest it has ever been. You can buy and sell crypto with just a tap on your screen. Regardless of a wave of different cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin has been a trendsetter for decentralized digital currencies. And it is also the most popular.

You can now earn bitcoins for free by a variety of methods like playing games online, through bitcoin faucets, and shopping rewards. You can also surf a crypto browser and watch ads to earn free bitcoins. However, many fall into the rabbit hole of scams and end up losing all their investment. Hence we have listed some legitimate methods to turn you into a bitcoin expert.

Table of Contents

  • Play Online Games 
  • Shop Online to Earn Bitcoin
  • Earn through CoinTiply
  • Use a Crypto Browser
  • Through Coinbase Earn
  • Writing about Crypto to Earn Bitcoins
  • Working for Bitcoin
  • Through Referrals
  • By Lending BTC
  • Through Bitcoin Faucets
  • From Popular Websites
  • Through Airdrops
  • Conclusion

Play Online Games 

It is an exciting and fun method of earning bitcoins for free. You can join your preferable servers online, win games and bitcoins. However, the rewards are small, and there can be a lot of advertisements.

Nevertheless, it has become a popular method as it does not require extensive cryptocurrency training. You can start earning if you have a basic knowledge of bitcoin trading.

You can register on Zebedee or blockchain poker.

Shop Online to Earn Bitcoin

Shopping to earn is one of the fastest ways to earn bitcoins. You need to install a web browser extension like Lolli that offers Bitcoin Bank. Henceforth you will receive a payback in the form of bitcoin whenever you check out. You can then transfer them into your exchange account or crypto wallet. You can increase your gains by learning about the market and cryptocurrency trading

Furthermore, the rewards range from 1-30%, depending on the retailers. Some retailers of Lolli include Nike, Malaysia Airlines, and Sephora.

Similarly, you can also install Bitrefill, Foldapp, and Cryptocom.

Earn through CoinTiply

CoinTiply rewards you with BTC after the completion of specific tasks. To begin with, you need to register on the website. Besides surveys and quizzes, you can find various assignments customized according to your age and location. For instance, you can retweet their posts and answer a few questions.

Additionally, CoinTiply is considered safe and legitimate by bitcoin experts and researchers.

Use a Crypto Browser

One of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin is to surf the internet using a crypto browser. In fact, you can gain instant rewards by visiting websites such as CryptoTab Browser.

Through Coinbase Earn

An educational way to earn free bitcoin is through Coinbase. You need to register on their website and go through their cryptocurrency training courses. Meanwhile, you can answer their quizzes. Accordingly, you are paid in crypto, which you can exchange for bitcoin.

Coinbase Earn is an effective way to obtain bitcoins for free. Moreover, you can also learn about cryptocurrency trading and gain market experience.

Writing about Crypto to Earn Bitcoins

A few cryptocurrency blogs and news outlets pay you in bitcoin for writing and advertising their products. Publish0x awards its users with bitcoins to write about crypto. Likewise, Bitcointalk offers opportunities to gain BTC. 

However, to earn bitcoin this way, you should have ample knowledge of the industry. Additionally, it will also help if you have completed a short bitcoin training course.

Working for Bitcoin

It is one of the most legitimate ways to earn bitcoin safely. Regardless of your profession, you can work for platforms that will repay you with bitcoin in exchange for your time and services. 

Some of the websites you can work for are:

  • Cryptogrind
  • Coinality
  • bitWAGE
  • Angle.Co
  • Jobs4Bitcoins

Through Referrals

Binance Bitcoin Referral Program is an affiliate program to earn free bitcoin. You don’t need to be a bitcoin expert to gain crypto this way.

Formerly, you need to apply for the Binance program. Then after referring your friends, you will gain 20% payback when they make a transaction. Additionally, your friends also receive a discount.

By Lending BTC

If you already hold some BTC, you can enter into cryptocurrency trading and lend it to peers. Unlike the rewards from other methods, the bitcoins you earn through lending are taxable.

Numerous bitcoin lending platforms reward 3-8% interest on your investment. Since the landing spaces are unregulated, you should research thoroughly before choosing a borrower. 

You can start by setting up an account on Blockfi.

Through Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are specific to some websites. They regularly award bitcoins to their users as promotions. However, the payback is significantly less as the website wants better engagements.

Bitcoinker is an example of such a platform.

From Popular Websites

Trusted websites like CEX and Binance provide a bitcoin wallet where you can store bitcoins. Additionally, you can spend and receive BTC from others. CEX also offers an app that works on Android as well as iOS. 

However, it is important to note the facility is not free. 

Through Airdrops

Developers give away coins to gain traction for their cryptocurrency trading. You can find the websites online or on social media to engage in their airdrops.

Though easy, it is a risky leap for beginners. Therefore, you must investigate the websites before participating in airdrops as they can be hackers. 


There exist multiple ways of earning btc for free. However, it is risky as most schemes turn out to be scams. 

Cryptocurrency is volatile and, therefore, only for those who are ready to take the risk of losing their money. The gains and rewards you earn might be taxable. Hence, it is essential to do detailed research before diving into cryptocurrency trading.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial if you complete a few bitcoin training courses as they give you an insight into the world of digital currencies.

You can visit BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL to understand more about BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

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