Trading Cryptocurrency Pairs – How Do They Work and Their Risks

Trading Cryptocurrency Pairs – Pairs of cryptocurrencies are generally referred to in a way that they are one and one. For example, the ETH/LTC pair signifies you are buying Ethereum as well as trading Litecoin (LTC) simultaneously. The same at the same time. Selling the pair implies that you’re selling Ethereum and purchasing Litecoin simultaneously.

It is important to note that some exchanges have different listings of cryptocurrency pairs. So, be sure to confirm whether the cryptocurrency pair you want to trade is listed or offered.

Furthermore, certain cryptocurrencies can’t be exchanged for other currencies directly. It is possible that you will have to make several pairs of transactions before obtaining the cryptocurrency you want.

This opens up the possibility of sophisticated arbitrage trading where you can swap currencies and pocket price variations.

This approach could, however, be viewed as too risky, especially for beginner traders. In this scenario, you should consider using third-party applications to facilitate trading across a variety of crypto-currencies.

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How do these pairs of cryptocurrencies work?

In reality, pair trading isn’t just a feature of trading on the crypto market. It’s a method of trading derived from the market for stocks in which traders select two equities that are highly connected and then go long on one while shorting the other one when the price is diverging.

In the cryptocurrency market, trading in pairs is simpler. All you need to do is purchase crypto with fiat currency.

Once you’ve received the crypto and you’ve purchased it, you can either trade it in or exchange it with other cryptocurrency. In this instance, the cryptocurrency you purchased in exchange for fiat currency is known as the base currency.

In all trading platforms, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most popular base currencies since they are easily purchased by using the domestic currency. Litecoin is most popular due to its speedy transactions and low costs.

Dogecoin can also be used as a currency of base, particularly when trading coins with low market caps. Which may be difficult to exchange with larger-cap coins such as Bitcoin.

Most Secure Digital Assets

Dogecoin is also popular due to its fairly stable value, which reduces the risk of volatility. However, the general rule of thumb for choosing the best primary currency is to look for a currency that comes with the largest number of trading pairs.

It’s advised to stick to BTC as well as ETH as your preferred base currency since the majority of cryptocurrencies have based their value on those two currencies. Additionally, each BTC as well as ETH are included in nearly every exchange.

The Tether (USDT) can be one of the most frequently used base currency. Its management is not a perfect match. However, it is among the most secure digital assets as its value is linked in relation to dollar value. United States dollar.

This means that Tether is not just ideal for trading pairs. But also a valuable asset for investors to secure their money if they don’t wish to be affected by the crypto market’s volatile price swings.

The risks associated with trading cryptocurrency pairs

The greatest benefit of trading in crypto pairs is the fact that it’s neutral to market conditions or non-directional. This means that with pair trading, you can earn profit regardless of whether the market is advancing or settling.

There are many dangers and disadvantages that investors have to be aware of when employing this strategy, such as:

  • Execution risk

While it’s not difficult to apply the strategy of trading pairs. However, it is possible to fail to complete the trade at the best price. This is particularly true when trading crypto pairs that have smaller market caps and whose value is more volatile and unpredictable.

  • Correlation break down

Like the stock market, pairs trading in the cryptocurrency market tends to involve two closely related digital assets.

Correlation is typically calculated by arithmetic calculations on a scale of 1 to +1, the value +1 is a perfect positive correlation and -1 indicates a complete negative correlation. If the number is 0 indicates that there’s no connection with the assets.

With the volatility of the crypto market, the resemblance between assets may suddenly disintegrate and trades could go south because the assets are moving across different paths.

  • Security Risk

The aspect of security in trading pairs is more related to the platform for trading than the actual strategy.

If you’re an avid user of the digital asset market, you’re probably aware that keeping your crypto funds on an exchange is not a good idea. Furthermore, if you are using an exchange that supports this strategy of trading it is possible to lose your funds to cybercriminals.

The most secure platform to execute this method is a Contract for Difference (CFD) broker platform.

Through this service, it is possible to are able to enter an exchange without having the asset in question (cryptocurrency). It’s usually a bet between the trader and seller to sell the underlying asset at the prices specified within the trade contract.

When you use CFD trading you do not need to be concerned about storing the investment or losing your data to hackers.


The only distinction between traditional stock trading and cryptocurrency trading pairs. What you must take note of is the fact that – due to the cryptocurrency market is a relatively new phenomenon. It could be a challenge to find the exact pair you want on one exchange.


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