Ultimate Guide on Amazon Product Sourcing 2022

Amazon Product Sourcing

Amazon product sourcing constitutes an extremely logical channel that many sellers aren’t aware of. Most sellers end up in a dilemma when deciding the most sold products to sell on Amazon.

We have carefully looked at the patterns of product sourcing of sellers of all sizes who have had success in a highly competitive marketplace such as Amazon. 

We believe that sharing information will help grow the eCommerce market and every seller must be aware of the process. Therefore, it is like this:

What is Amazon Product Sourcing?

Amazon Product Sourcing is defined as the method of sourcing high-quality products for sale on Amazon from reliable and trustworthy suppliers at a reasonable price.

But this definition isn’t enough to comprehend the concept.

Many sellers manufacture their products, so there is important to trust a reputable and reputable source to get items.

However, jumping straight into the market with a random product could cause financial harm to the savviest of sellers. 

Thus, researching products can provide valuable insight into trends in the marketplace as well as customer preferences and prospects analysis.

Let’s explore how you get deeper into the gold-plated product you’ve been looking for:

How to Source Products on Amazon in 2022

This is an essential element of Product Souring on Amazon. Therefore, based on the most popular locations for sellers to ship their items This is the listing of the best routes sellers can get their goods.

Based on the source and nature of the items The main product categories are

  1. DIY ( self-made) items or services
  2. Wholesaler or manufacturer
  3. Dropshipping

Let’s begin to look at ways can you find the most appropriate products

Wholesale/ Retail Arbitrage

A lot of sellers purchase their chosen and well-studied products in bulk from wholesalers or wholesalers.


  • The items are offered at up to a 75% discount.
  • The items can be purchased in bulk, and then delivered to the location of storage.
  • The product is easily purchased, which makes it to be an efficient and efficient method of purchasing.

Online Arbitrage

Another method to source Amazon source products is via online stores that sell most of the products with discounts for their clients.

You can find products discounted, being sold on clearance, or are seasonally sought-after.

The research you conduct on the product should be considered and will result in profits.

Be sure to be aware of the payment option you select since not every online retailer accepts the same payment methods.

Profits can be substantial when you purchase items in bulk, or small amounts, and then experiment with the products. There are no financial losses.

Auction and Thrift Stores

Another type is retail arbitrage works with the auction module. The retail sales make use of less frequently used items, however, they are packed with exclusive and diverse things to choose from, at lower prices.

The retail can be done online as well as offline. This retailing is done in two ways. You can sell old products to them, and purchase the item they offer available for auction.

To learn more about amazon retail arbitrage click here.


These are the shops that are on the brink of closing and are clearing out their inventory at a reduced cost.

Clearance opportunities like these are provided by large-box companies and they offer their merchandise for as high as 70%-75% off.

This is among the most reliable places to purchase your goods from. Quality, variety, and cost are yours to choose from.

Private Label

Private labeling is the process of branding by naming and branding your products as well as creating a unique identity for the product.

According to a report released by a Web retailer, 50 percent of sellers sell a portion of their private label items on Amazon.

Private Labelling can be expensive, but it can provide you with an identity and help establish your brand recognition and credibility among millions of other sellers offering similar products.


Dropshipping is yet another popular method for sourcing goods. This is the best option to go if you’re a seller who is unable to afford the inventory, own actual products, or deliver them directly to customers.

Since every coin comes with two sides, dropshipping may occasionally result in negative feedback as a result of delayed delivery or quality issues. 

Dropshipping is a risk because you don’t have the assurance of quality for the goods or the speed of delivery, shipping, delivery and delivery speed, etc. But, a reputable manufacturing company that has a good reputation could reduce your risk.

Create Your Products

It’s not as simple to make however, certain products could attract large numbers of customers if you create them by yourself and then add your unique creativity to them.

A lot of eCommerce businesses are based by relying on the creativeness of sellers. The best illustration is Etsy.

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