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Today, only companies that use their resources wisely and streamline their entire business process will succeed. Creating and managing legal contracts is one of the most cumbersome business processes. If you want to save resources on preparing contracts without compromising their validity, try the electronic signature App.

This comprehensive informational publication answers all your electronic signatures and electronic signature software questions. It will help you understand the important aspects of using signature software commercially. 

Features of electronic Signature App

Digital signature software helps you and your online colleagues digitally sign documents. Whether you need to sign PDF documents yourself or need a robust solution that allows your customers to sign documents electronically, there is likely a solution that fits your needs.

The best electronic Signature App will make customer service and document management easier while automating and streamlining the signing process. The review focused on key features that affect the overall quality of the platform, including ease of use, supported platforms, supported document types, security and price. On this page, you can learn more about the best features of electronic signature software.

Ease of use

When choosing an e-signature application, the first thing to look for is the ease of use. The last thing to consider is choosing an application that would take your team several hours to master. Complex e-signature applications can cost thousands of dollars in wasted time and hidden costs for existing businesses and multinationals. An integrated eSignature application can streamline workflows and train new employees in minutes. 

Document Creation

Some apps allow users to add documents to contracts to facilitate the contract creation process. It also supports almost any document type, including PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Excel. Moreover, the app automatically integrates with select cloud storage services and backs up data to secure your work.

A full range of useful features

The greatest strength of the electronic Signature App has always been ease of use and accessibility, and this is no exception with DocSign Pro. The tool simplifies all processes, such as creating, viewing, editing, or sending documents to clients for signature.

Automate and streamline processes

Does the electronic Signature App integrate with the organization’s upstream and downstream systems to ensure integrated processing? Can business rules be applied throughout the signature process? Is the solution robust enough to support additional processing steps such as flexible data entry, document import and multiple signature options? Can it support complex automated workflows? Is there a mass submission feature? In addition, should the solution use reusable templates to streamline the document creation process?

Custom branding

Does its e-signature solution allow the company to maintain its branding throughout the e-signature process? Personalization is key to reducing signature rejections, and a fully personalized e-signature process builds customer confidence in digital transactions, leading to high penetration rates.


Signing documents with liquid or physical ink is strictly legal and confidential, as is signing documents with an electronic signature app. Many companies use electronic signature apps to enhance security. Authenticated PDF files created with e-signature applications will have a time stamp on the signed document. 

However, before choosing an e-signature application, you need to ensure that the data is secure and not compromised. Certifications such as ISO 27001 ensure that the application protects your business data. The app you choose should also be compliant with GDPR rules and regulations, which ensures the security of your data and avoids potential ICO penalties.

cost benefits

The intention of using e-signature applications can be to streamline business processes and save costs and resources. You should be careful not to spend more than your budget on e-signature applications. Before investing in an e-signature application, compare different application pricing plans and read reviews and features. Most e-signature apps offer packages with different features, some of which are not listed on their websites. Try a free trial to get an idea of the app’s features and functionality. 


As a business owner, you want to grow your business and stand out from your competitors constantly. You need tools that will serve you well over the long term to do this. The same goes for e-signature applications, and you need to make sure they are taking your business in the right direction. To do this, look at the package that the e-signature application offers. How many users can be added, whether the app can handle multiple groups or departments, not to mention other issues like GDPR and access security? 

More choices

When choosing an e-signature application, you should consider the features it offers your business and certain “extras.” For example, what are the reminder times, and how easily can they be changed? Depending on the signer’s location, does the app support multiple time zones? When choosing an electronic signature app, expiration date notifications are another feature to consider.

To Sum up

Electronic Signature App offers many benefits, including reduced paper printing costs, cell phone use, and the ability to manage important documents when working remotely. However, many Android and iOS apps allow you to save signatures and add them to various documents. 

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