Why Oracle is Best?

When we talk about providing relational databases Oracle strikes the mind. Moreover, the oracle’s RDBMS supports various kinds of models as well as different product versions. The products of oracle are scalable & secure in different environments.

Overview of Oracle:

Oracle refers to the multi-model relational database management system. It gets designed out for fulfilling the purpose of grid computing as well as data warehousing. Moreover, it comes out in the list of top choices of any enterprise looking out for cost-effective solutions for managing processes. Consequently, the demand for Oracle online training boosted.

See the standard editions of Oracle:

1. Standard Edition One:

It is mostly suitable for single-server business applications with limited branches.

2. Standard Edition:

It offers all the facilities provided in the Standard Edition. Moreover, offers larger machine support with the Oracle real application.

3. Enterprise Edition:

The newer edition gets backed out with the features of security, performance, scalability as well as availability.

4. Express Edition;

It refers to the entry-level edition which is free to download, install, manage, develop as well as deploy.

5. Personal Edition:

It has the common features of Enterprise Edition except the Oracle Real Application Clustering.

Check out the features of Oracle:

If we talk about the oracle database then it offers the following features which get considered customer-friendly. Go through the details carefully:

Scalability & Performance:

According to the usage it offers the features like Real Application clustering & portability. If we talk regarding the multiuser database then it is required to control the consistency & concurrency maintained by the oracle.


As we all are aware of the fact that real-time applications need high data consumption. Moreover, high-performing computing environments get configured for all-time availability. If we check out it then data gets available during the time of planned as well as unplanned downtimes or failures.

Backup & recovery:

The layout complete recovery helps out in recovering the data from all kinds of failures. Moreover, if a failure situation comes then the database needs to be recovered within the high time availability. In this case, unaffected parts of data get available while the affected parts get present.

Security considerations:

Security comes out in the list of top factors. If we talk regarding Oracle then it offers the mechanism for controlling, accessing & using the data. Moreover, it also facilitates implementing & editing the user’s actions which can easily prevent unauthorized access.

Let us familiarize ourselves with the benefits of Oracle:

After looking out the features of Oracle now we should emphasize the benefits. Go throughout the details given below:

High-level performance:

It consists of various methodologies & features to offer high-level performance. Moreover, we can easily implement this performance tuning out to the database for faster retrieving of data. It also helps out in improving query execution as well as improving applications operations.

Multiple databases:

If we talk about its database then it supports various instances on a single server. Moreover, there is an Instance caging method offered to Oracle for managing the CPU allocations. It works out with the database resource manager.


As we have seen above the different editions of Oracle. It offers the facility to the user for purchasing the Oracle edition according to their application requirements. Moreover, they can also easily update the edition according to their requirements. In case you are curious about learning Oracle then you can download the free express edition.


It uses the real application clusters for offering a high data availability system. Moreover, it has more edge in comparison to other databases.

Recovering Failures:

RMAN is the latest feature of Oracle which is necessary to consider before looking forOracle Training Institute in Delhi. It supports various things like archived backups, down files, etc. If we talk in relation to the organization level then it assists in better functioning of the business proceedings.


As we have seen It is the most powerful database management server. It can serve out various enterprise-level happenings. As we have talked about earlier the Database Management system assists in storing the data as well as effectively managing the high performance. Moreover, it offers a software solution that is easy for managing the database operations which range from personal to enterprise-level applications. Finally, we can say that it consists of all the applications which are needed for the effective functioning of the organization.

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