Spy On Instagram: Social Media Tracking Of Employees

In the modern-day, there are many distractions around everyone. You want to accomplish one task and in the middle of it, you might lose your focus. Before you know it you are following your idol live video or playing a video game, or wandering around the internet meaninglessly or the most common one surfing Instagram and Facebook. This is one of the main issues businesses are facing since everybody has social media access, everyone is on it all the time. I have an online jewelry store, which needs constant engagement and follow-up on Instagram and Facebook. Due to my nature of business, I have trained employees on how to work efficiently with these platforms. but one of my main concern is when they are on social media websites all the time, the number of times they got distracted are numerous. I was having a difficult time handling them with politeness and capturing them in the act. I checked many solutions but no one works best and permanently. Then I stumble upon the ad for the TheOneSpy spy app, which enlists its feature of monitoring social media websites. I was suspicious at the start whether it will work or not, but on a whim, I thought to try it out. I got this app and install it on mobiles and desktop devices of the company.

My main target was to spy on the Instagram activities of the employees. As it is one of the major tools my company uses for digital marketing. But thankfully TheOneSpy spy app has opened so many new ways for me as well as the app is like heaven for social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring.

Low and behold after installation I have seen a great change in employees’ performance. It has many features.

Spy On Instagram

As the main selling medium, Instagram is of high priority in our base, and it is the app that gives you maximum distractions. After installation, I can keep track of the posts which we planned. I can watch employees’ activities, whether they publish the stories on time. what is the quality of this content, and what kind of feedback are we receiving. Spy on Instagram is very easy with the remote feature offered by the TheOneSpy app. You can check all the official account activities and schedule posts in detail. No need to hold a meeting with the employee to see the progress as the TheOneSpy spy app keep the record of everything for the user.

Spy On Facebook:

Facebook is our secondary medium of selling. Since many people contact us for queries some of them are non-serious buyers. But as a company, we have to maintain our image so we need to deal with all sorts of people with dignity. In past, I have received complaints about one of my staff getting into online arguments. After installation, I can check anytime how the employees are handling messaging, and avoid any argument before its escalation. Facebook messenger spy app offered by the TheOneSpy monitoring software reports me about all the activities with timestamp information. Moreover, it is not only the best tool to keep an eye on the employees but can also be used to save the employees from weird or rude customers. The app also allows the user to have access to the Facebook messenger chat app as well.

Spy On WhatsApp:

Thanks to the new update, Facebook has now added the call to Whatsapp button on the Facebook business pages. That means all of your online customers can now contact you in real-time and order the product. Well if you are thinking that maybe I had to get another app for Whatsapp monitoring then you are wrong. As the TheOneSpy spy app also offers WhatsApp spy app features. One can know about the incoming and outgoing calls and check the media shared through the official account. Keep an eye on the official WhatsApp correspondence with customers and clients and make sure the employees are dealing professionally with customers.

Spy On Snapchat:

Though I was more worried about the use of the Snapchat spy app. As I thought it would be difficult to manage the inside stories content and time-limited code sharing marketing strategy work. But Thanks to TheOneSpy we are doing great.

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