When Is a Memoir Worth Writing?

What is a Memoir?

It is a more focused version of an autobiography. A memoir is a genre written from the author’s perspective, about an event/people that had an important role in his life. It is often confused with autobiography, but few aspects differentiate the two genres. Both are written from the author’s perspective; however, the entire life span is narrated in an autobiography. Although subjective, the primary focus is on the facts, covering the who-what-where-when-how-why of their lives. One of the examples of autobiography is Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery; the story covers his whole life featuring from his childhood to his current life as an entrepreneur.

Whereas, in memoirs, an author focuses on the specific event or memory he tries to recreate in storytelling. The memoir includes a detailed fact about the event; however, the author has flexibility since, in memoir, they are narrating the story as they remember, and nobody can approve or disapprove of it. Night, the noble prize-winning title, is one of the examples of a Memoir in which Elie Wiesel narrates his own story based on one part of his life – his survival in his teenage years at Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

Memoir writing is a tough genre, and if you are planning to write one, professional people should be involved since the technical writing style is required. Memoir writing services exist in the market where professionals are available. As an author, you need to prepare a brief about the event you wish to narrate. You would decide the main objective, chapters, book flow, everything. The writers will handle the writing part; the approving authority will remain with you for every word.

Fascinating Books Are More Than Just Fascinating Stories:

Few of the memoirs are worth writing and reading due to the events they are based-whether that is about making a life-changing decision or surviving a life taking incident. Many famous personalities have narrated their story from an ordinary beginning to an effective climax. These memoirs inspire and motivate us in a personal capacity.

What’s Your Purpose for Writing?

No matter, what your initial motivation for writing was – whether it was for you or other people, it can also be a therapeutic endeavour. You need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and revise your story in your head through the norms of the book writing process so that all the chapters of your book will start making sense, and you will be able to take ownership of your story. If you wish to narrate your life story out loud, then you should – you will be surprised to see different insights into your personality in the process.

Apart from exploring personality traits, there is much more to memoir writing. The memoirs beyond limits have a combined benefit to an author for an uplifting message and entertainment for the reader.

The objective and vision of your memoir should be crystal clear to make it worthy of reading no matter for whom you are writing it. If you have focused on your life and have a zest for communicating it out in the world about your leanings, then your memoir is worth writing.

How to write a memoir?

If you have prepared your mind about writing a memoir, you need to make it so readable that your readers should get completely involved with your story. We have a few tips in store for you to write a worth reading memoir.

  • Narrow Your Focus:

    From a long journey of your life, narrow down the events that are worth sharing, and the entire book structure should be based on the theme and events you have narrowed down. Since there is a difference between an autobiography and a memoir, narrowing down life events is mandatory to prepare a timeline of your life. Identifying the turning points of your life is a true challenge. You need to develop an event to deliver the maximum to the readers about you. Your aim should be about the book to lead your readers to know about your journey.

  • Include more than just your story:

    In a memoir, it is important to add up some other linked aspects. For instance, if you narrate your trip to Himalaya mountain, the prime focus would be on the trip and how you discover yourself as a person on this trip – you can add other minor details about the place – people you met, the nature of the place etc. Also, the geography and history of the area can be included, animals that come across your way and how your experience with that was. These all elements adds quality to your memoir. Readers are curious about you and the back story, what made you go on a trip, it is worth going on such trips, etc.

  • Tell the truth:

    The pro tip to write a most powerful memoir lies. With the aspects of being honest and genuine. This can be challenging since we would not want to reveal it. The depths of our lives to our friends and family. However. When you decide to write a memoir, you need to be brave enough to get exposed out in the world. Most famous authors have shared the sensitive content of their lives the cost you carry when you decide to enter this industry.

  • Put your readers in your shoes:

    Memoirs can be powerful when your readers can relate to your story. Your story should be an invitation for readers to come under your perspective to draw their own conclusions. The most effective way to do so is the vivid language that is supposed to be used for unfolding the story for the readers. Try to get into the readers’ skin by sketching scenes and uplifting their imaginations to place them next to you and then let them conclude.

  • Create an emotional journey:

    Main aim is of your memoir should be to knock off the entire body of your readers. Leave you, readers, with unlimited waves of laughter, tears of sympathy or sadness, and the mouth opens in awe or maybe all of them. Your memoir should be like an emotional rollercoaster that will motivate them to the next chapter because a strong connection would be built until then. The protagonist is a key to enhancing the emotional aspects of your readers.

  • Showcase your personal growth:

    Your growth should be visible by the end of the memoir – the event should be effective enough to showcase your transformation as the memoir’s protagonist. When you highlight your personal growth. It will give more weight to your story and will be worthy of reading it. This can be the hardest part of your memoir. It requires self-analysis and strong insights from your life.

How Can You Write If You’re Not a Writer?

You might have a strong enthusiasm about writing a memoir; still, you are not confident of starting the process – like most people, you have not written a book before. What can be the initial steps? What events of your life are to be included and what to skip? Well, this shouldn’t be your point of concern since there are numerous ghostwriters out there who provide memoir writing services that too with top-notch quality. A skilled writer will help you plan and organize your book and the actual writing of a memoir. He is a professional person for memoir writing. So he will guide the entire process and make your memoir worth writing and reading.

Memoirs are very effective and can create positivity among your readers. They will connect and follow you for what you have been through. What you have survived and how you have grown as a person. Your approach to life changed after the told event, which makes your string a brave person.

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