Fat people can also become fit by reducing the fat deposited on the stomach, do configuration yoga daily like this

Nowadays obesity is a big problem. Due to working hours sitting in one place, not exercising, and eating more food from restaurants, obesity is increasing rapidly among people. Due to obesity, there is a risk of many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack. Apart from this, long-term obesity also leads to problems like headaches, stress, and osteoporosis. Millions of people die every year from diseases caused by obesity worldwide. With regular practice of yoga asanas, you can reduce obesity. Vinyasa yoga is considered very beneficial to reduce the fat deposited on the stomach. Learn all the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga and the easy way to do it.

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How to do configuration yoga:

  • Vinyasa yoga is a series, that is, in this yoga, many asanas are performed simultaneously. First of all let’s start it with marjari asana.
  • For this, make the position of the table with knees and hands on the ground.
  • In this position, while breathing in, bring the head close to your chest and then while exhaling, move the head upwards.
  • Now leaving the weight of the body on the hands, first move the right leg and then the left leg backward and lift the hips upwards.
  • If possible, during this time, keep the ankles completely glued to the ground, due to which you will feel the stretch in the feet.
  • While in this position, slowly breathe in and out for 5 times. Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds.
  • After this exercise, keep your knees on the ground and while exhaling, bend the chest down.
  • Then you put your chin (beard) on the ground and keep the palms straight on the ground.
  • This is a phase of Vinyasa Yoga. If you do this daily, then the fat stored on your stomach will start reducing rapidly.

Vinyasa yoga reduces belly fat

The special thing about Vinyasa Yoga is that the asanas in it put pressure on the stomach, which burns belly fat and reduces obesity. Very obese people may have trouble doing some of these asanas. In such a situation, do whatever step you are able to do and walk daily for 15-20 at a fast pace with shaking hands. Soon you will see your weight loss.

Take care of food also:

If your stomach is slightly enlarged, then it is easily reduced by Vinyasa Yoga. But if your weight is too much and the stomach is more protruding, then you should also take care of your food and drink. Drinking ginger and lemon juice in lukewarm water every morning after getting up improves metabolism, due to which weight also starts decreasing rapidly. Apart from this, instead of solid foods, you should consume more and more liquid diet (liquid diet) in your daily diet. Do not lie down or sit immediately after having a meal, but walk for at least 15 minutes. By doing this your weight will start decreasing rapidly.

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