Learn How to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV

Finding a way to Export Contacts from Zimbra to CSV file format?

The majority of Online users have suggested that we provide a great option to export Zimbra contacts to CSV format.

So, today, we’ll finally inform you about the ideal solution for exporting Zimbra contacts to CSV format. We’ll use a professional tool to make the process go as cleanly as expected.

Zimbra is a well-known and widely utilized email communication server for small and medium-sized organizations. If we’re talking about connections, they’re one of the most significant aspects of anyone’s life, whether for personal reasons.

Zimbra is mostly used for business administration.

Since there is no manual solution for migrating contacts from Zimbra, so, let’s glance at the best strategy for exporting Zimbra contacts to CSV format.


How do I Export Contacts from Zimbra?

  1. Run PCDOTS Zimbra to CSV Converter.
  2. Click on Open >> Upload Zimbra files.
  3. Select the required Zimbra data.
  4. Go to Export Menu >> CSV.
  5. Enter a destination and Save.
  6. Get the Exported contacts.

Perfect Solution to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV format

There is a perfect solution or, to put another way, a professional utility that explains the migration process to you. In only a few steps, users can migrate existing Zimbra contacts to CSV format that used a PCDOTS Zimbra Conversion Tool.

This Zimbra to CSV Converter is a fully automated solution that allows users to properly manage tasks without the need for any further installation.

Users with a non-technical background can easily understand it by looking at the software’s display. It has been developed with additional features that allow it to perform many data transfers in just a few steps.

Also, the main objective of using Zimbra to CSV Converter is that the software is simple and flexible to use and we will describe a proper step-by-step guide to make you do the process.

Continue the process to export Zimbra contacts to a CSV file.

  • Select Zimbra files or folders from the Open Menu by clicking on the Email Servers option.upload zimbra files
  • Upload the existing file/folder onto your software’s screen, and the software will scan and display the data in the file.upload zimbra files
  • Select the required emails/files from which to export contacts by tapping on the files required zimbra data
  • Then, go to the Export menu and choose CSV as a file format from the drop-down menu.Export Zimbra to CSV
  • Click the Save button after selecting the destination location in the browse box.enter the path to save zimbra contacts
  • After that, the process will start, and when it is complete, you will be offered the choice to open a folder to view the final file.export zimbra contacts to csv

After opening the folder, you can see the resultant output data of Zimbra Exported Contacts.

You have to do so. Remember that the Demo version will only allow you to migrate 10 files at a moment; if you wish to migrate more than 10 files and continue using the software for business reasons, I suggest getting the Licensed version.

Why do you need to continue with Zimbra to CSV Converter?

  1. Thoroughly scans the data
    Once you’ve submitted the file/folder to the system, the software will scan it carefully and remove any possibility for user complaints.
  2. Export Contacts in Bulk
    The software is able to convert Zimbra contacts to CSV format. It allows users to transfer an unlimited number of contacts in a single operation while conserving all data.
  3. Allows users to make selections
    Users can choose the data that best satisfies, whether it’s a single email or multiple files at once. The Software will always function incompatible with the demands of the users.
  4. Path selection option
    In addition, it also allows the user to select the best destination path for them, and if users do not do so, the software will automatically save data to the desktop location.
  5. A number of file formats
    It also provides users with the option to migrate one‘s contacts not only in CSV but also in other file-formats including PDF, HTML, EML, and PST, as well as in other email services such as Google, Thunderbird, and numerous IMAP accounts.
  6. Extraction of Email Attributes
    This Zimbra to CSV Converter has the ability to download Email Attachments, Email Addresses, and phone numbers individually.


In this article, we’ve discussed almost everything about how can a user export Zimbra contacts to CSV.

Therefore, the Zimbra to CSV Converter is one of the best utilities that allow users to continue with the migration process.

I recommend that you continue that use the Demo version first and then switch to the Licensed version if you find it easier to use and completely satisfied.

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