3 Powerful Law Firm Marketing Tips To Secure More Clients

Secure More Clients With These Law Firm Marketing Tips!

When you’re an attorney marketing is the way you reach out to people who are who need your services.

You may also have a fantastic digital marketing plan that is effective for your business.

But, these 3 tips we’re about to give you today are suggestions that you can easily incorporate to your existing strategy, or into a brand new strategy.

And, they have been shown to improve engagement and can help buy twitter followers uk you attract more customers.

So , without further delay Let’s dive right into the water!

3 Law Firm Marketing Tips To Increase Clientele

  1. Replace Text With Video To Engage More Of Your Audience
  2. Content Focused on Clients, Not Accolades
  3. Improve Your Local SEO To Secure More Clients

1. Replace Text With Video To Engage More Of Your Audience

Did you be aware that law firms that have videos embedded on their web pages boost their number of sign-ups for emails by 127 percent?

The fun doesn’t come to an end here, however.

Videos in emails attached are able to achieve an 137% greater percentage of click-throughs for your website than emails without videos.

In addition, 95% of marketers who used video said it improved the user’s understanding of their product or service.

Videos are clearly an effective and appealing marketing strategy for clients of the law business.

But, of the time, lawyers focus their marketing strategies on text-heavy blogs, instead.

It’s not saying that blogs shouldn’t have their role in your marketing strategy in fact, they should.

However, for subjects that aren’t necessarily exciting to read about, such as those related to law studies…

…there is a more effective and more engaging method to convey the information you need to share with your viewers.

This method is called film production.

Videos can be used to host the same type of content as blogs do , but give your viewers with the ability to enjoy your content rather than just reading text.

Marketing via video content helps keep their attentionso that you can keep their attention on your site.

Where Can You Use Videos?

Based on the data we discussed that your email and website are fantastic locations to make use of video.

However, you could also use them to create postings on social networks.

YouTube is among the most popular platforms for companies to upload videos, and it’s not without reason.

YouTube has been ranked as the 2nd most popular site following Google, which makes sense given the fact that Google is the owner of YouTube.

In addition six out of 10 respondents say they’d prefer to watch videos online rather than watching TV.

The best part about videos is that they can be broken them into smaller pieces, or micro-content.

Then, you can use small portions of your video, or even the complete video, based on its length through your marketing campaigns.

What Makes Video So Effective?

Now , you might be thinking, this is wonderful information, however what is it that makes video so effective in marketing at law firms?

In the beginning, video will increase your brand’s engagement.

The more involved your prospective customers are the more likely they will be to pick your products over your competitors.

Video is also a fantastic method to help potential customers navigate your sales funnel.

To accomplish this effectively, you should make clear the call-to-action you want to convey within your film.

A call-to-action on the video is a word that you’ll use that will prompt to get an instant response from viewers.

Your law firm could use an invitation to action, for example “head to our website now to claim your free consultation” and then give the user an online link to your site.

How Video Can Help With SEO

Video is also a great aid to SEO or SEO in short.

SEO is the method to improve your quality as well as the amount of web visitors by making it appear higher on results pages of search engines.

One of the main elements that determine your SEO ranking is the amount of time you spend on your site as and bounce rates.

The Bounce Rate refers to the number of visitors who visit your website but go away before clicking on different pages on your website.

To increase SEO, you must improve the amount of time your prospective customers spend on your website, and also decrease the bounce rate.

What’s the best method to achieve this? Yes, it’s by using videos!

Based on the length of you’re making your video, it is possible to dramatically extend the amount of time a prospective customer visits your site.

Because they are engaging and engaging, potential customers are more likely to stay on your website after viewing a video.

Overall, you’ll want to ensure that your marketing strategies include video-based marketing for an increased engagement level, duration on the site, and ultimately customers.

2. Content Focused On Clients, Not Accolades

However traditional text content isn’t obsolete and should be valued by your company.

Incorporating video into your marketing campaigns isn’t an equivalent of removing texts out completelyand it is important to use them in conjunction!

That leads us to tip number two, that is to focus on content for clients, not awards.

A study revealed that law firms that used blogs and content marketing that was of high quality were significantly different with regards to the volume of website traffic they brought in.

In actual fact the law firm websites with blogs but weren’t actively writing new content had 237% more visits than sites without blogs.

You might be thinking which type of content is the most appropriate for your intended viewers?

As a well-established law firm, it’s a requirement that clients will have a group of skilled and distinguished lawyers.

However, potential clients won’t wish to know about the successes your lawyers have accomplished during the last few years.

They would like to know how you attorneys will assist them in winning their case.

It is essential to show your lawyer’s achievements and awards at least in a small capacity…

…it shouldn’t be your primary content goal when you are trying to attract new customers.

One of the best ways to create relevant content for clients is to refer back to your current target viewers.

If you’ve spent some time in your marketing strategy you’ve probably developed an avatar of your customer or, in other words the person you think you would like to serve as your ideal customer.

If you’re not sure, check out our article on how you can build your digital marketing plan that contains a fantastic section on how to build an ideal buyer.

However, in the end it’s important to consider the qualities your ideal clients want in an attorney firm.

  • Are the services you can provide to them?
  • Which amount are they willing to pay for their case?
  • What should they look to find from an attorney?

If you make excellent, targeted content for your audience you’ll build credibility and trust with your readers and you’ll outdo your competitors.

Take the time to glance at these alarming figures on the state of legal and digital marketing.

  • 70 percent of law firms don’t have a call-to-action feature on their websites.
  • 40 percent of small law firms do not have an online presence.
  • 35percent of the smaller businesses haven’t updated their website within the past 3 years.

These are just a few areas where your company, with the help of content marketing, will stand apart from the rest of the pack.

3. Improve Your Local SEO To Secure More Clients

The best advice we can give you to use SEO for helping your company get more clients is to concentrate in local SEO!

You might be asking why you should be focusing on local SEO instead of general SEO as part of your law firm’s marketing strategy?

For starters, 71% of people who are looking for a lawyer consider it important to find a local lawyer.

It’s also easier and time-efficient to boost your local SEO ranking than the focus on general SEO.

What are some easy methods to boost the local SEO?

The creation of the Google My Business account is the ideal place to start for law firms that don’t currently have one.

Google My Business is the way your business will be displayed in Google Maps when a consumer is searching locally in relation to law-related services.

This is crucial because when a person conducts local searches the basic structure of the pages will include…

  • Paid ads on top
  • Then, the top local results from Google Maps,
  • The top organic results

If you can improve your content to show up in the top three local results listings, then you will surely get a significant rise in the number of clients who are qualified for your company.

When you create the Google My Business account, ensure that you complete all the details you have about your company.

This might sound like a simple idea, however Google lets the information that is missing about your company to be completed by others even your competition.

Google My Business can also provide images of your business buy 500 twitter followers uk and your employees.

Think about taking semi-professional photographs of your law firm.

It will also give your company a more professional appearance, which can make potential clients feel more confident in deciding to work with your company.

An easy tip to boost you with your local SEO efforts while you take pictures of your staff is to make use of a smartphone with an image quality camera.

It is crucial because photos that are taken using your phone will store the location information.

If you take photos of your staff using your smartphone and adding them onto the Google My Business page, Google can also confirm the location of your law firm.

Also, the credibility of your legal practice.

There’s a whole article on ways to boost the SEO ranking of your lawyer, If you’re looking for more details, make sure to read this post later.

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