Freestyle Brands Reimagines Men’s Care and Grooming

Founded by Melbourne-born hairstylist Lucas Tucker, Freestyle Brands is the home of Men’s grooming brands Tucker Browne and Club Barber Pro. 

After discovering a gap in the market for high-performing men’s grooming products, Tucker decided to take matters into his own hands by launching his very own brand. Since then, both Tucker Browne and Club Barber have garnered much acclaim for their range of products.

Tucker Browne’s range of products include a variety of haircare products, body wash, and skincare. The brand also prides itself in using all-natural ingredients such as aqua-marine minerals, kelp, and nourishing oils.

According to their website, the CLUB Barber range is “dedicated to men who want their products to get the job done”. Describing their ideal client as a man that stands out from the crowd and refuses to follow trends because he’s too busy setting them without even trying, CLUB is a no-nonsense, fuss-free brand that lets its products do all the talking. 

To learn more about Freestyle brands, visit their website for more information.

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