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7x Signs of an unhealthy gut

Recent studies show the importance of the gut microbiome in our lives. But as our stress levels increase and we eat more processed and sugary foods, the gut suffers in many ways. On top of that, we damage the natural environment in the gut by taking antibiotics.

But how do you know your gut health is in trouble? In this article, you will find a summarised list of the most critical signs of an unhealthy gut.

#1 An upset stomach

This sign includes bloating, gas, and other stomach disturbances. They are sometimes felt as heartburn or lead to diarrhoea or constipation. Either way, this is your gut telling you it has problems eliminating waste or processing food.

#2 Sugar cravings

Sugar cravings can be much more than a preference or trait. When good bacteria plummets in the gut, your body craves sugar to counter the damage. But then you eat lots of sugary foods that shouldn’t be in the human diet and make things worse, causing chronic inflammation.

#3 An unintentional weight change

Weight gain can be caused by overeating and insulin resistance. Weight loss is sometimes caused by an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria in the small intestines. In any case, an imbalanced gut has problems regulating sugar or absorbing nutrients.

#4 Fatigue and sleeping problems

In some cases, fatigue is caused by gut problems, especially in the case of malabsorption. But we can go beyond and talk about serotonin. The gut produces even more serotonin than the brain. This hormone is also a neurotransmitter involved in sleep and mood.

#5 Skin rash and eczema

Some skin conditions are linked to gut health. There’s a syndrome known as leaky gut, which happens when your defences are low and small proteins break through them. The immune system reacts and causes food allergies, skin rash, and eczema.

#6 Autoimmune disease

The gut has a strong link with the immune system. The gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) is the most extensive immune tissue, and it is modulated by the gut. Many autoimmune diseases improve when your gut health improves.

#7 Food intolerance

Some food intolerances are a part of evolution, especially lactose intolerance, because humanity didn’t evolve drinking cow’s milk. But different food allergies and intolerances are due to gut problems to process and digest foods. In some cases, food allergies are a sign of impaired gut health.


Generally, the best way to overcome an unhealthy gut, is to “Just Eat Real Food” (JERF).  Click here for more information.

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