Introducing Paradoor: The Co-ownership System Reimagining Luxury Holiday Homes

Founded by Oliver Howard and Tom Ormerod, Paradoor is committed to creating a world of seamless luxury, effortless ownership, and smart investments

Nowadays, the definition of luxury can vary from person to person. To some, luxury comes in the form of clothing or shoes. For others, it can be cars or jewellery. However, in the case of Paradoor, true luxury means having the time to enjoy life’s greatest milestones. 

Founded by Oliver Howard and Tom Ormerod, the two launched Paradoor–a co-ownership system that fractionalises luxury holiday homes into eight equal shares supported by proprietary technology to sell, book, and manage usage. 

Their vision was simple. To create a world of seamless luxury, effortless ownership, and smart investments. 

At Paradoor, you’re given the rare opportunity to own luxury real estate across Australia for 1/8th of the cost whilst enjoying flexible use all year round. 

Currently, Paradoor has three properties listed on their website, available for customers to view and express interest in.

The first destination, situated in Daylesford, VIC is a sprawling 520 square metre property with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a 6-car park. The home is a stunning rural retreat set amongs natural bushland and a tranquil creek.

Gabion Hill located in Daylesford, VIC

The second property is a stunning beachside residence in Palm Beach, Queensland. Designed by Jayson Pate, Jefferson Sanctuary us the perfect property that provides the ultimate family lifestyle opportunity. The home boasts of 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a 4-car park.

Jefferson Sanctuary located in Palm Beach, Queensland

For the final property located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Paradoor lists the stunning Bay Land Penthouse. A guest favourite designer level property, this home is the ultimate seaside escape featuring stunning fixtures and finishes perfect for a relaxed coastal palette.

To learn more about Paradoor, visit their official website for more information.

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